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Fun in the Sun - and the Snow

It has been full of snowy days here in Minnesota (definitely not unusual) and then all of a sudden this last week the sun came out and gave us 40 degree weather! No, that really isn't that warm... but it certainly felt like it was compared to the weather we were having earlier! So I decided to skip one of my classes for the day on Thursday and go up North to hang out with the dogs. Have I mentioned before how therapeutic it is to spend time with our English Labs? 
I currently live about an hour away from my family, and I miss the long walks in the woods or down the road with my crew of dogs and puppies following behind or paving the way. It's fun to watch as adolescent pups explore their surroundings and hop through the deep snow, or as the older retired dogs get to act like puppies themselves as they burry their head in a snow bank. 
I took Summer and Cayenne on a walk with a few different puppies that will be growing up here and become part of the FLL family. Wonder, Bliss, and Sunny are sweet girls that are adorable and definitely love the snow. Cayenne and Summer are, as always, great at being mentors for the younger pups and teaching them to stay close as we go for walks. Here are some fun pics that I captured of these pups having a blast in the snow. 

Welcome to Larissa's Page

Hi my name is Larissa, I'm Randy and Rosie's 21 year old daughter. 

I grew up loving to learn about every part of the business at Family Loved Labs. I was 7 years old when we got our 1st lab, and 10 years old when we started breeding Labs. I helped take the pictures, update the website, and learned all about customer service. I was a helping hand with the care and training of the dogs, and it was so awesome watching each of the dogs develop their own personalities and their own way of learning. 

I participated in 4-H with Gunner, Noble, Cayenne, Kindle, and Hero, and also enjoyed a few AKC Junior Showmanship shows with Dove. 

Raising the puppies was also fun, and my favorite part was always watching the birth of new puppies. I was pretty young when I crawled in the whelping box for the first time and mom or dad would guide me on how to help the momma as she had her new litter.

Many of my experiences with dogs I recorded on the original "Larissa's Family Fun" page, which I believe I started when I was 11. There were so many things that I learned, and am thankful for the experiences I had growing up in a family that raised English Labs. 

It's been a while since I've updated the page. Since there has been a lot of new things in my life, here is a quick update for everyone who has been following this page at some point or another. 

- I am pursuing a degree in Biology, and will be graduating next year (yay!)

- I am now married (since Oct 1st of 2016) to a wonderful and awesome man that I am so excited to do life with every day. 

- Since I have moved out of the house and now have a crazy schedule, I am not as involved as I used to be with every-day life at Family Loved Labs. But I still help when I can, either by doing work online, or when we go up North to visit family. 

- I am so excited for my husband and I to be able to get our first house so that I can raise and train my own Labs. Stay tuned for future updates on that ;)

So with that re-introduction, there is one other point to make. This is going to be the "new" Larissa's Family Fun Page that I will be updating. The original one needs a few updates as some of the pictures are not loading correctly, and when I get that fixed I will be including a link that can be accessed here where you can look back on some of the memories I have growing up at Family Loved Labs. 

I hope you enjoy all the future updates!

~ Larissa

Cayenne's Birthday is Today!!!
September 25, 2017

It's been a while since I've posted on "Larissa's Family Fun Page". What better way to start of the new page then with a birthday celebration! 

My sweet girl is now 10 years old today. Yeah, time has gone by WAY too fast. The amount of adventures I've had with this girl have been amazing. Since the first day I met her when we picked her up at the airport, to just a few weeks ago when I took her out on a paddle-board for her first time (btw, she loved it!) - she has been ready to follow me wherever I go. Some of our memories include long hikes through State Parks together, swimming at Lake Superior and then walking the boardwalk, road trips, 4-H fair shows and State shows, and of course being one of the best momma dogs there ever was. 

While the grey on her muzzle has slowly become more and more noticeable, she still acts like a 5 year old dog. Cayenne is always up for a game of fetch, still loves going on long walks with me, and any time she hears the phrase "You wanna go for a ride?" she starts squealing, does her happy-dance and makes a bee-line for the car. 

Cayenne and I have a special bond not only because she is my dog, but also because she is the dog that grew up with me during my teenage years. While I know that I will have wonderful and special dogs in the future, no other dog will be able to go through that time of my life with me again. She is one awesome dog, and I am excited for all our future adventures together.

Below are some of the pictures that I have as Cayenne and I kind of grew up together. Happy Birthday Girl!!!

Cayenne has been retired from being a mom-dog for a while now, but her kids and grand-kids carry on some of her fun and loving characteristics to the future Family Loved Lab puppies. The dogs that we have here at Family Loved labs who are related to Cayenne are: Hero (her son), Thor (her Grand-son), and her grand-daughters Annie, Gypsy, Willow, and Ari.

We have some Fox Red litters due out of her grand-kids. If you would like more info email us at [email protected] or call at 320-245-0235.