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~ Level 1 Started Puppies Available! ~

Level 1 foundation training consists of: started on basic obedience and crate training.

Puppies/dogs will be sold on a spay/neuter contract, and will go to Family Loved Homes only. Call 320.245.0235 or email FamilyLovedLabs to reserve one of these awesome puppies!

YES, we have more pictures AND videos of the started puppies below.

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Lucy ~ $2,500

Lucy is a light fox red girl with a beautiful coat, nice head and build. She has a big personality, and she LOVES LIFE! This girl has some energy and is going to need a home where she can be with an active family or as a hunting companion. While she is an active girl, she can also calm down nice when she's been worked and knows that now is "quiet time".

Max ~ $2,500

Max is a very handsome boy. Blocky head, stocky build, and a beautiful black coat. Max is VERY smart, and has a strong will to please. He is going to need a home that is excited to continue working with him on his obedience as he is a joy to work with, and soaks up every bit he can learn.

Daisy ~ $2,500

Daisy is a yellow girl with a nice build and is a SWEETHEART! She loves attention, loves to snuggle, and will do anything to please you. If this girl is given the choice to work on obedience, or snuggle with you... she will totally pick snuggling. She will be a great girl for a family with kids or someone who wants loving puppy to live with.

Started Puppies - Started obedience puppy - Started crate training - site, stay, come - Started Training English Lab Puppy

These puppies currently know:

- Come on and off-leash, sit, down, place on a place-board, kennel. 

- They are currently crated at night, and on a schedule during the day.

- These puppies know how to use a doggy-door and go outside to go potty, and are also using a litter box consistently.

- They have been introduced to other older dogs and puppies, love playing in the snow, are comfortable with stairs, and a joy to work with. 

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