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Rosie and Team,

Thank-you for the professionalism in the way you have responded to us with our recent purchase of Hazel our new female English Lab.  Often times when being on the customer end one might be apprehensive about dealing with an unknown breeder.  Our current purchase from you and your staff went very well.  I have no problem at all in recommending you to anyone thinking of purchasing an English Lab.  Through the years we have purchased labs for our family and our most recent experience in dealing with you was a blessing.


Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.


Cliff and Myra Myers



Bo (Disney and Polar Boy)

Randy and Rosie:

I wanted to give you an update on the most wonderful pet, we have ever owned, our family member - Bo a/ka - Dakota.  From the moment we picked him up at the airport, we knew he was a special dog.  Not only does he have the "looks" that everyone raves about, but he has the best temperament of any dog that I have ever owned.  Temperament and looks, however, isn't his strongest attributes.  It is by far his intelligence.  He is now right at 7 months old.  He minds and has an understanding of commands better than dogs far his senior.  We took him to a local dog training school.  The instructor, after the third day, told me that he was the smartest puppy they had in attendance in a number of years.  So much so, that they advanced him quickly to greater obedience tasks.  Short story, we are very happy with Bo!   I hope you guys continue breeding your wonderful family labs!  To anyone looking for a new family member, I'd highly recommend they look no further than the dogs you are breeding.

I am going to forward various pictures to you of Bo.  He now weighs right at 65lbs at 7 months old.  The vet is of the opinion he will be in the 90lb - 100lb range.  He will be a "looker" like his father!!

The attached picture is a "day in the office."  Periodically, I bring him to work with me as my sidekick!


The Keith Family


  Bo (Disney and Polar Boy)




 hi randy & rose. just like to say great experience working with you and your family [ TURNER ] is a great puppy got him after shipping and i couldn't believe how trained he really was . he is 10 weeks old know just went for his 2nd vet visit .vet loves this puppy gave him a clean bill of heath and asked for your web page. i must say if your looking for a good lab call randy & rose this breeder is on point and very helpful i my self looking to go for #2

 Turner (Porsche x Noble Pup)


Hi Rosie,

We just wanted to send a quick update on Hank and Stella.  In a word, they are...FANTASTIC!  We couldn't have asked for better puppies.  They play together constantly, yet are very friendly to other dogs they meet.  They are smart, well-behaved, loving and, of course, beautiful.  While out walking, we can't take two steps without someone commenting on their color and cuteness.  And almost everyone tells us how mellow and calm they are for lab puppies (no joke...we must have heard that 50 times).  We are also thrilled that their half-sister, Rosey, lives just a few blocks away.  They already visited once and we hope to see her again soon.   
Thanks again for such wonderful bundles of fur!

We attached some pictures...weren't sure if we had forwarded some of these already, so excuse the duplicates if that's the case.

Hank and Stella (Autumn x Rocket)

Thanks so much to Family Loved Labs!
This is the first time I have ever purchased a puppy online.  Rosie and her family were so helpful throughout the process. Our Bailey showed up right on schedule and in perfect health.  Her crate and paperwork were all intact.  She is only 9 weeks old and has already been leash trained. She comes on command, sits and shakes already. Truly an incredibly smart dog. We look forward to many great years with the new addition to our family.  


Bailey (Foxy x Rocket Pup)

Rosie and family,

Here are some recent pictures of the puppies.  They are doing so well!  They have a vet appointment tomorrow so I will see how much they weigh now.  They have definitely gotten heavier, we can no longer hold them both at the same time!  Have a great week! 


(Chloe x Polar Pups)

Hi Rosie,
Bailey is a great part of the family. We have a pool, covered for the winter.  Our lab Molly (4) loves the water and plays on the cover, even on really cold days.  today she took Bailey for a quick swim.  It was probably a good introduction, and it took Molly to think of it. 
We are loving our baby.  She is calm, eager to learn.  Very few accidents in the house, and those are our fault, not her's.  She sleeps in the laundry room with Molly and quiets down very easily. 
Best wishes to your family.  I will send more pictures next week.

Hi Randy and Rosie,
I just wanted to say thank you! I welcomed Harley (if you recall I was unsure of the name Ajax and did change it once we met)...into my home last Friday and he is an absolute joy!

Here is a updated photo of him taken just yesterday.
I'll continue to send you photos and updates as he grows.


Harley (Chloe x Polar Pup)

Dear Rosie,

Just an update on Mable.  She was a dog that you sold, then she came back, and then we were able to get her. It was around Nov. 2008 I believe. We met in a parking lot in the cities because you were going to a home school conference and my wife had a bag of clothes for you. Mable has been a great addition to our family.  Outside she is still very energetic, but when we are inside she is the perfect family dog.  I do not hunt as much as I would like, but when we go she does as good of a job as the rest of the dogs.  My wife and I walk her every day for just over an hour off leash on some county land by our house. She has about 11/2 acres of land to roam around our house (we put in one of those "invisible" fences).  If we need to leave her for a few hours she has a heated  garden shed with a door to an 8x12 kennel. Often I will take her with me on my service calls. Hope you and your family are well.
Thanks, Hugh

How are you?? Here is a picture of our gorgeous cheif at age 14 weeks!! I can not tell you how smart he is, with all the craziness in our life he has managed to learn to walk on leash, heel on leash some of the time, sit, stay, paw, speak, starting to master come and give a lot of love.  As long as he does not have too much room he is housetrained.  Loves his new bigger crate but I must say prefers to be with me as much as possible.  A true beauty and true lab boy, does he LOVE to eat!!!  I guess this is a tribute to the work you all put in with him as a puppy!!!! He knew his name and all right away!!
Cheif is awesome and a well needed part of our lives.  We have already thought about a possible addition next spring.

Thanks so much,

Chief (Autumn & Rocket Pup)

We love our new puppy and thank you for taking such good care of him.

(Carbon x Polar Pup)

Hi Rosie –

It’s been about 2 weeks since Gus arrived and I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures.  He’s doing great.  He is such a fast learner, he knows his name pretty well and he is progressing very nicely in the potty training area.  He’s the most popular guy at our local pet shop – All the Best Pets – with several pictures already on the digital photo display they have there.  He rides to coffee with Rich almost every morning so the Starbucks crew has met and fallen in love with him already as well.

Oh, one last thing . . . our college student daughter has “Skyped” with Gus several times to make sure he knows her voice as well and is looking forward to coming home to spend some time with him at Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much, we just love our new puppy!

Lori, Rich, Ariel and Jordan

Gus (Cayenne x Badger Pup)

Hi Randy & Rosie,
Winnie has been a great addition to our new little family. She's a smart beautiful puppy. She has learned to Stay, Sit, Lay Down, Roll over and to give both paws already.
She loves to play with her puppy friends and cousins Andy & Sully. Winnie loves to go for hikes in the state forest and has already found a love for water! We are looking forward to the spring/summer to take her to the lake to swim.
We thank you so much for our amazing puppy, we could not be happer.
Attached are a couple pictures of our girl, as you can see she has grown up quite a bit in the 2 months we have had her!!

Winnie (Cali x Noble Pup)

Attached is a picture of Winnie, Andy, Sully and Moose --
We did a "puppy" christmas card for  our families this year, it was comical getting all the pups to cooperate!
Andy Buzz---Yellow Lab (Adam & Roxy Buzanoski)
Sully Morse -- Fox Red Lab (Tim and Lisa Morse)
Moose -- Black Lab(our friend dog, 6wks older than Winnie)
Winnie -- Chocolate Lab - our dog!
More updates soon!

Hey there gang hope your holidays are going great.  Just wanted to pass along some new pics of our Sully boy and his cousins, Andy and his newest cousin Winnie that you guys just shipped out to our brother and sister in law (marcus and patty).  We are being over run by labs out here and we love it!!!!
Enjoy the pics ..... the whole pack is ready for x-mas!

Andy (Sadie x Booker Yellow Pup) Winnie (Cali x Noble Chocolate Pup)
Sully (Ruby x Blaze Red Pup)

I didn’t want another day to go by without thanking you for Black Bella and for raising them so beautifully. I have had Black Labs and one Doberman all my life and two months ago had to put Sara, my 14 year old down. We still have Emma, who is 11, but I have never waited more than a week to get another one and this time after 8 weeks, I couldn’t take it anymore. I need a baby to bringing me JOY and I particularly like what your daughter said on the website. Labs are not my whole life but they make my life whole.

She arrived 2 hours late on a later flight Friday nite but looked like she had stayed at the RiTZ! She was everything and more that you described. I have never  bought a dog online and was worried but I knew it was Karma when I saw her face, her name(which is the one I had chosen in my mind for my next dog), the description which was Sara’s description and the fact that she was family raised. I fell in love with her and suffered for the two weeks we had to wait.

We had her to the vet within 24 hours and she gave her a clean bill of health. We have had great success house training her. She already knows her name, to come, to sit upon arrival and we are working on down. So smart. My life and my husband’s life has improved immeasurably. Emma is not quite as enthusiastic. However, Bella is working on her and each day allows Bella a little closer. Puppy school at home until November than she’s enrolled. She has had lots of experiences already and is a quick learner.

I just wanted you to know that she is loved and will be treasured, as all our dogs have been. We rent a house on Cape Cod that is right on the beach for our dogs. Our kids and their kids can come too, but it’s for us and the dogs. Everyone says they want to come back as one of our dogs.

Gratefully yours,

Suzanne, Larry , Emma & Bella

Bella (Midnight x Rocket)

Hi Rosie,

I'm sending a few pictures of our girl.  Can't tell you how thrilled we are with her.  The dog you see her with is my son's dog.  Lucie completely dominates this 95 pound boy. He just spent 6 weeks with us.

We start obedience classes tomorrow but I've spent lots of time teaching her basic commands and she's been very responsive and easy to train as you predicted.  The classes will be clicker training which intrigues me.  

Thanks for any advise you might have and thanks for getting us such a great pup.


Lucie (Autumn x Rocket Pup)

Just a note to let you know he is a great dog! Very smart loving and as easy going as you could get, he also has a great personality!!He is about 80# and still growing

(Ruby x Blaze Pup)

Wanted to update you with a photo to see how stunning Charlie is growing up

Charlie (Scarlett x Rocket Pup)

Hi, this is just a few pictures of Cajun. We have absolutely enjoyed him he is the happiest  part of our day when we come home and he sees us and goes crazy!!  We have him so spoiled, Thank you; for sending us such a wonderful gift!

Cajun (Carbon x Polar Pup)

Rumple loves carrying big sticks...

Rumple (Ruby x Tiger Pup)

Hi Rosie:

I just thought you might like another picture of “Bo”  i.e. Bowdoin’s Mascot,  for your wall.  He is awesome!!

Sometimes he meets his full brother “Logan” – Lynne’s puppy (Booker and Breezy) at the park to play.

AS you know, he is a total sweetheart – very smart and has the best disposition.

Have a great fall.



Bo (Booker x Breezy Pup)

Dear Rosie,
We can not say enough good things about this puppy, we absolutely love him!!  The kids named him Rosco and where speechless when they first saw him.  He has been so sweet such a wonderful disposition.  He is just a pleasure.  He sleeps thru the night already and is pretty much potty trained. He loves his crate that he flew in and does not seem to be affected by the plane ride at all.  He has been great from the moment we picked him up from the airport. He is just a sweet and calm little fellow that has his playful moments but loves his nappy time also.
Thank you Rosie for this wonderful puppy, we could not have wished for a better puppy.  The whole experience has been wonderful.  We can not believe how good he is and how great he adjusted to our family. The boys already taught him some tricks, like sit, down, stay and come.  He is just very well behaved and very very cute!!! I can tell he is going to grow into a beautiful dog. We will keep you posted.
Warm Wishes, Tina


Boomer (Breezy x Booker Pup)

Hi! I have attached a couple pictures of Tristan, as you can see he is pretty much the handsomest guy around. He is my hiking buddy and the goodwill ambassador at our barn, he hangs out equally well with people or horses! 

Tristian (Booker x Brook Pup)

Gus at 17 weeks -- Such a sweet boy!

(Ruby x Blaze Pup)

Hi Rosie-this is Brody! One year old on June 29th, 2011 and the love of our life!  He's a total luvvy, and we have never been happier! Let us know if Booker and Dove have another litter coming soon, we would love a little sister for Brody!
Paul and Teri

Brody (Dove x Booker Pup)


I just wanted to start by saying THANK YOU! We welcomed Dixie (previously Bella - Booker x Carbon pup) into our home back in April, and she has been a huge part of our family ever since! She is absolutely gorgeous and has so much personality! I was worried about her flying by herself, but she handled it like a pro! Within days, she was already best buddies with our other dog, and now they're inseparable! She loves car rides and going on hikes. However, nothing compares to her love of water! She doesn't hesitate to jump in rivers, ponds, waterfalls and showers (if you're not careful). She is really smart! I'm not sure what you guys did, but I've never had a dog that was so easy to crate train! We just say "crate", and she walks straight into her crate and sits down. More importantly, she is the most lovable and devoted dog! At almost 5 months old, she's already over 40 pounds and gets bigger every day. We love Dixie so much, and we look forward to all the memories we're going to share!

I've enclosed picture of Dixie doing one of her favorite things: riding in the truck! As you can see, she loves resting her big head on Bryan's shoulder while he's driving. Adorable!

Best wishes,

Jenn (and Bryan)

Hey gang hope all is well out in Minnesota.  Our little Sully boy isn't so little anymore, actually amazing at how big he is getting.  Lisa and I say almost everyday "I'm pretty sure he grew last night".  So far so good, he started losing some baby teeth but otherwise he is a happy and healthy dog - he's current on all his vet appointments and everything is going great - we LOVE him!!!!
Here are some photos of our boy as we as a photo with his favorite dog cousin, Andy.

Sully (Blaze x Ruby Pup)

Randy & Rosie,
Hope all is well with you. We are doing great.
Thought I would give you an update on our beautiful girl. Hadley is wonderful. We've have had such a good time training & loving her. What a smart dog! And a looker. You should hear the comments when we go to the vet
or are out walking :) Everyone wants to pet her & asks where we got her. I refer them to your website of course. Hopefully you'll get some inquiries from it! She loves people & other dogs. We bring her everywhere.
You will see from the pics she is fearless! We took her to the lake for the first time last night & she jumped right in! Curt can't wait to take her hunting this fall.
Our yellow lab Ella is a great role model & so patient.
We start obedience classes next Friday in Rochester.  She will be one of the stand-outs. (I sound like a total mom, don't I?)
Take care,
Curt, Tori & Hadley

Hadley (Booker x Carbon Pup)

Hi Rosie & Randy -

We just wanted to send you an update on Parker and let you know how much we love having him in our family! It's been just over a month now since he arrived and we couldn't imagine life without him. His personality shows more and more each day and we love watching him experience new things. He's a very bold puppy and loves adventures, he certainly doesn't scare easily. We took him camping for the first time this weekend We were a little worried about how he would do with sleeping in a tent, but it didn't even seem to phase him. It was a little chilly last night so we woke up to him snuggling up to us INSIDE the sleeping bag! The campsite was on a lake and Parker swam for the first time. We live a block from Lake Washington so water isn't new to Parker, but he never goes further than chest deep so we were very excited about him swimming!

Attached are a few photos and here's some commentary for them:

Parker_Work: I work at a pet friendly company so Parker often comes to work with me. He loves it and has already made plenty of other dog friends! This photo is of Parker sitting in my desk chair.
Parker_Marina: As I mentioned, we live a few blocks from Lake Washington so Parker gets to go down to the marina several times a day. He loves hanging out in the sun and chasing geese.

Hope you guys and the doggies are doing awesome!  Thanks for Parker, we just adore him.

Carrie + Oliver

Parker (Blaze x Ruby Pup)

Layla still loves her crate that she came home in even though she doesn't fit it in anymore! Lol!

Layla (Blaze x Scarlett Pup)

Obx beach bunny:). Otter's first trip to the beach:)

Otter (Booker x Dove Pup)

here are a couple pictures of Leia at 8 weeks with Bella

Here are a couple pics of Leia at almost 12 weeks.  Everyone always comments on her coloring and we get many compliments.  Thanks again for Leia

Leia (Booker x Chloe Pup)

Hi Randy & Rosie,
Just a quick note to let you know Hadley is happy & healthy & growing by the day :) She is such a joy. We are having sooo much fun with her. She's smart (already knows come, sit & shake), loves people & gets along beautifully with our other 2 dogs & our grandpuppy. In fact, Ella (our yellow lab) & Hadley are best buds. You can see that from the picture I attached!
Thank you for this wonderful little girl. She has stolen our hearts - We're enjoying every minute of it!
Curt & Tori

Hadley (Carbon x Booker Pup)

Hey guys! Just thought we would give you an update on Toby!
Time has gone so fast already and he is getting soooo big! He is so energetic and playful, but yet very calm which is something everyone comments on about him. He recently went up to my families cabin and absolutely loved the water! He loves going for car rides but still thinks he is ten pounds and can ride on your lap! He loves playing with other dogs and making new friends. He went for his first truck ride with only Jud and he did wonderful by himself! He loves it at the shop playing with the other dogs and greeting everyone every morning! He has brought such a joy to our lives we could never thank your family enough!
Here are a few pictures of the big guy!((:

Abbey and Jud

Toby (Midnight and Blaze)

Dear Rosie and Larissa,
Our "little" Gus is just about 6 months now.  He is so well behaved and just a joy to have around and that is pretty amazing for a puppy (in my experience). He plays hard at the dog park with his friends and then stays by my side all the rest of the time.  He is growing into those big feet but still has a ways to go.  I have attached a couple of photos of Gus in and out of the pool.  He loves the water.
The first time people meet Gus, their first question is "What kind of dog is he?" The second thing they say is "He is just beautiful!".  And then when they pet him and see his personality they know he is all lab.
Thanks again for this wonderful puppy.

Gus (Cayenne x Blaze Puppy)

Hello Rosie,

Just wanted to check in to tell you how much we love Adele and what a great addition she is to our family.  She is such a good girl and is so darn smart-she comes when called, she sits when told, she stays when told, and she shakes (can you tell I am a proud parent).

Potty training has been a piece of cake-she hasn’t had an accident in a very long time. Most of her accidents were when the boys were on duty-they are quite as observant and missed her cues.

 She has two best friends-one is a yellow lab who is only two weeks older and the other is a labradoodle who is 6 months old.  We try to get them together to play as often as possible. 

We signed her up for puppy training and am sure they will show us a trick or two.

You should be very proud of the work you do, she truly is an amazing animal.  I am very happy live allowed our paths to cross and can’t begin to thank you for bringing her into our lives.

I’ve attached a few photos of our love bug. 




Adele (Noble Puppy)

Titan (Noble X Mattie) is doing great! He is growing fast.   He loves the kids and his big brother, Cowboy. He has completed his training on the Invisible Fence, but is never left alone outside.   He has started obedience school and he loves it.   He is very smart and motivated easily by food. I take him to work with me everyday and he is a hit with all the clients! Thanks for the sweet gorgeous puppy.
I will right a letter of referral soon.
Here are some pictures we wanted to share.

Hey there! Just wanted to take a minute and give you guys an update on Calvin, who has now been renamed Scooby!! He's doing awesome! He has adjusted very well, and become very attached to all of us. He loves playing frisbee, and going on walks. He's doing well being crated at night. And house training him is also going well. Every morning he waits outside with us for my son to get on the school bus. And every afternoon he waits for the bus to come home. Yesterday when the bus pulled up he realized that it meant Bradly was going to be home, he was jumping up and down and wagging his tail! He did it again today! It's so awesome to see how excited he gets!
Thanks again so much for what you guys do! He is such a joy!
Scharnhorst Family

Hi Everyone!
  So, Sully hasn't changed all that much since we left your house on Thursday (it was beautiful, by the way), but we wanted to let you know that we made it home with Sully safely and he did AWESOME in the car!
Here are a few pictures we took when we picked up and when we got home and he met Andy for the first time.
We'll send more pictures and be sure to write a detailed testimonial about our experience. It was a pleasure working with you guys and meeting you and your family. Everyone was great and so hospitable!
Thanks again, we LOVE Sully and are looking forward to teaching him and watching him grow,
Talk to you soon!

Sully (Ruby x Blaze Puppy)

All we can say is THANK YOU  Rosie and Randy for giving us the best
puppy ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a delight he is. We have renamed Jake after that classic white
creature, who loves the water.....Moby !  He's got the best
personality, loves our girls and us, puts a smile on everyone one's
face, the hit of the vet's office, here in Massachusetts, the
accolades go on and on and on. What an awesome job you did raising
and socializing him. It shows . He's  a beauty to boot, as well. So
darn cute. I've taken a million photos already. My husband is
computer savvy. I'm not. I'll ask him to send a bunch of photos. We
live right on a lake, and he's already been swimming  several times.
My husband took this week off to be with him and start training.
We couldn't be happier and want to thank you profusely for giving us
this little joy. He arrived in great shape and showed no fear of the
hustle and bustle of the airport. He acclimated very quickly and only
had 1 accident in the house. He's smart, playful, and such a joy to
be with. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anne and Dave  and
our twin 9 year old girls, Nadia and Tanya
(Chloe x Booker Pup)

Dear Rosie and Randy,

      When our beautiful new puppy stepped cheerfully out of his crate at San Francisco airport we knew we'd hit the Labrador Retriever jackpot. Chief looked even better than his pictures on your website. The ease of delivery was a pleasant surprise; plane on time, puppy crate clean, well supplied with food, instructions and papers. Best of all was a healthy, robust and perfect dog.  It's been a joyful adjustment and Chief (now renamed Archer) is well socialized thanks to his excellent start with you.
       Thank you!
  Deb and Amelia
  San Jose, Ca
(Chloe x Booker Pup)

Dear Rosie,

We have Welker, a puppy from Booker and Brooke.  We love him so much!  His personality is so sweet and funny.
Thank you again for choosing us the perfect puppy!    Allison, Bob and Welker

Been meaning to send you an email for awhile now. Just wanted to let you know what an awesome job Molly did bird hunting this past fall. I can't imagine what she will be like the next few years since I hear dogs come into their prime about their third or fourth year of hunting.
We did some day hunts close to home earlier in the season, then in October we went on a 3 day grouse hunt in northern MN and a 3 day pheasant hunt in SD. Molly was fantastic on these longer hunts. Our hunting season ended in mid-January hunting pheasant in the snow west of Madison, WI at a game farm. There Molly flushed and retrieved 31 pheasant in about 5 hours. Actually she flushed a few more than 31 but us hunters didn't quite hold up our end of the bargain with all of them.
Jack couldn't hunt this year but I plan to try him this fall. He is the cuddly one (if you can imagine an 80 pound dog wanting to crawl up into your lap when you are sitting on the couch).
The two of them get along great and sure miss each other when they are apart for a day or two.
I hope things are going well with you. Send me a note back and let me know what new litters you have.

Hi Rosie
Just a note to say how much we adore Diva and she is doing very well. It took a couple of days before Drake figured out she was here to stay and now cant keep her out of his sight:-) he has taken on job as "Dad"
Yesterday casey and I took Diva to the Stewarts for puppy playtime :-) OMG it was hilarious to watch the 2 of them. at first they were super shy, tails between legs the end of the evening they were wrestling around and Diva held her own with Gunner. Sometimes he would win though... they went on the first step of the pool and immediately wanted to swim. pretty funny stuff.
Will forward pics of her, Heather took some awesome ones of both pups, she was going to forward to you as well...
thanks again for making the process easy and we will keep in touch!

Diva (Noble Pup)

Hi Rosie,

Copper arrived safely yesterday - much to my children's delight and surprise.  I had to pull my son early from school but it's all worth it - seeing the happiness on their faces.  Your detailed information on what to expect when we pick up a puppy is not only informative, but helped us in making Copper adjust well to his new surrounding.  The wood shaving litter is working really, really great.  We were so impressed that he was able to go there right away after preparing it just the way you said.  I never heard of that training myself, but my compliments to you for such wonderful start on it.  Thanks again!

I am enclosing few pictures taken right after we picked him up - and after he had enough of play and fun.
Thanks again for a wonderful, lovely, sweet, smart dog!
The Cadena Family

Copper (Noble Pup)

She's doing great!  We r working on house training. The weather is getting warmer so job is getting easier. She is going to the vet on monday and she loves bully sticks to chew. She is a wonderful puppy!

Rosie (Blaze x Cayenne Pup)

Hello Christensen Family:
I thought I would give you an update on Winnie.  She is so much fun and
very popular!!!  I took her to school on Friday.  She loved everyone.
She is not afraid of anything and loves baths.  She loves our cat and
our dog, Josie, is finally warming up to her.  They play all the time.
She is getting bigger by the minute and finally has settled into
sleeping almost through the night.
I've attached a few pictures. 
We are very happy.
Jayne and Scott

Winnie (Noble Pup)

Hi Rosie and Larissa,
I have attached a recent photo of Gus.  He just had his 4 month checkup yesterday and weighed in at 40 pounds.  I believe he is going to be a big boy.  So does the vet. It took nearly two hours to get out of the vet's office because so many people had to stop and admire and play with him.  He attracts a crowd wherever he goes! We just love our Gus and can't imagine not having him.
Best regards,

Gus (Cayenne x Blaze Pup)

We love our new puppy! Thank you for taking such good care of her.

(Blaze and Scarlett Pup)

Hi Rosie and Larissa,
Just wanted to let you know that Gus, at 11 weeks, is doing very well.  He pretty much trained himself to ring a string of bells I hung on the door to let me know when he needs to go out.  That was about a week ago and he has not had one accident.  He comes (I use "Here"), sits, lies down, stays, and shakes on command.  He also fetches.  We are working on the no biting and no jumping on things and making some progress
This little puppy is so smart, so beautiful, and so much fun, I can hardly believe it.  I will send an update with pictures in a couple of weeks.
Best regards,

Gus (Cayenne x Blaze Pup)

We wanted to share some pics we took of Lucy Rose (Cayenne x Blaze) in one one of them she is sitting so pretty next to Brody (Booker x Breezy).
I have been amazed at how well they have gotten along it has been wonderful for Brody to have her around and he has been so good with her "puppy play"!  She has also been so great with the kids and is doing pretty good with her potty training :)  As long as we keep on top of it she does great!!  Thank you again for the wonderful puppy!

Hi Larissa, Rosie and Randy -
We just wanted to send an email to let you know how wonderful Redgy is.  He is such an incredible addition to our family.  We all fell in love with him instantly.  He is beautiful and what a personality!
He caught on to potty training pretty quickly and stands next to the door to go outside.  He is very energetic and loves to play with the kids. 
We wanted to send you this update with some pictures.
We also want to thank you for the wonderful puppy!  Please let us know of any additional costs we still owe for the extra nights that he stayed with you.  (Also, do we need to send back the guarantee form?  I am a little confused by that)
Thanks again -
Denise, Brian, Bridget, Matt, and Mike

Redgy (Cayenne x Blaze Pup)

Rosie with her new family

Catherine with sleeping rosie

Rosie Cookies Carlson (Blaze x Cayenne Pup)

Hi Rosie and Larissa,
Just wanted to let you know that our little Gus is absolutely amazing.  He is so fun-loving and so smart.  He is a great little traveler (3 hour car ride home from the airport and not a peep).  He is already house trained; well that is probably a stretch (but no accidents yet, although I take him out every 30 to 60 minutes).  He put up quite a holler when he was put into his crate to rest but soon got over it.  Last night he slept all through the night without a squawk.
Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the care and training you gave to Gus.  Everyone is amazed at how healthy and beautiful he is.
Best regards,

Gus (Blaze x Cayenne Pup)

Hi Rosie

Tisza is growing up so quickly and at 10 months is just about 70 lbs!  She graduated from her Puppy I class last fall (complete with cap and gown picture!) and we have already started working with her on training for hunting.  While limited in the Chicago, we have been working with her in the forest preserves using a clipped bird wing for retrievals.  She is not only beautiful, she's extremely smart and a quick learner.  We couldn't be happier with our little girl.

As you can see from the pictures, she LOVES the snow! 

Kathy and Mark

Tisza (Booker x Keeper Pup)

otter - 6 months:)

Otter (Booker x Dove Pup)

daisy 10 months

Daisy (Booker x Keeper Pup)

Hi, Randy and Rosie.  This is Brooke Hutchins from Omaha, Nebraska.  I
hope the new year finds you and your family doing well.    We are
thoroughly enjoying our beautiful Labs, Dakota (Booker X Midnight) and
Wyatt (Booker X Keeper).   They are so pretty and sweet and funny.  I
could go on about them all day.

Best regards,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Kiwi is doing wonderful.  She has the best disposition of a dog I have ever seen.  She is so gentle and loving yet she's an awesome retriever for waterfowl.  I may want to get with you in the near future for my dad.  If I purchase one for him, I want the white female (smallest pup) just like Kiwi.
Kind regards, Ron / Jamary

Kiwi (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Merry Christmas from Otter and The McArthur's - he is loving the snow:)  xoxo

Otter (Booker x Dove Pup)

Just wanted to take a minute and share some pictures of Trooper with you.  He recently passed his basic obediance classes, he did great! He weighed in at his last vet visit just over 60 lbs.  He really has just a sweet temperament, and plays very well with other dogs.  He is starting to enjoy the cooler weather out here, and is behaving himself on all his walks now.  Hope all is great with you and your family, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Paul and Karen

Trooper (Booker x Keeper Pup)

Rosie: attached is a recent photo of Bo. As you can see he is a big boy now.


Bo (Booker and Breezy Pup)

Otter at 5 months old with his buddy Merlin (6 years old)  He makes everyday brighter - thank you again:)  xoox

Otter (Booker x Dove Boy)

Rosie -- we are just loving Zeus.!!  He is a wonderful dog and growing more gorgeous each day.  We haven't had him weighed in a few weeks, but I'm guessing he must be well over 60 now -- he was 52lbs at 6 months. 

Thought you'd like to see him in the snow in our yard from last week's blizzard.  The second picture is with his "girlfriend" Copper.  She's a fox red lab next door who is about 2 months older than him.  I love this shot of them playing with each other  They will wrestle for hours on end if we let them!  We are dog sitting Copper over Christmas Break so there will be plenty of fun had by them in the snow.    And then the picture we are using for Christmas cards of Zeus with the boys.

Everyone is amazed at his calm temperament and I'm quick to tell them we got him from Family Loved Labs!

Merry Christmas


Zeus (Midnight x Blaze Boy)

Hi Rosie-
It's hard to believe that Brody is 4 months old and such a handsome boy! Everywhere we go, people always say the same thing: such a beautiful dog!". He is a total lovebug, and has made our family complete is a way we could have never imagined. Of course we look at all the time, and can't wait until we're ready to find a sister for Brody!
We would love to correspond with the owners of Otter, same BookerxDove litter as Brody. Would you be so kind as to email them and ask if they would like to email exhange with Otter's brother?
Many thanks, can't wait to see your next white puppy arrival!
Teri and Paul

Brody (Dove x Booker Pup)

I'm so sorry I haven't sent pics lately of our beautiful boy Brody!!!  He is such a wonderful puppy we get nothing but compliments from everyone who has the pleasure of getting to know him.  He has fit in perfectly with our family and we can't even imagine life without our "brodyboy"!  I am sending some recent pics of him so you can see how big he is getting and also how handsome!  His last vet check was a week ago and he weighed in at 41lbs.  He's going to be quite a big boy :)

Thanks so much for our addition to the family.


Brody (Booker x Breezy Pup)

Brody is such a cuddler! He always lays across our feet when we're making dinner in the kitchen, and loves to prop his head on his little duck when he sleeps.

Brody (Booker Pup)

Otter is the perfect example of "you get what you pay for"!  Not only is he super smart and beautiful, it is his calm temperament that makes him truly perfect!  I just can't tell you how much we love him and how he brightens everyday:)

Otter (Booker Pup)


I just wanted to update you on the pup we got from you. He is growing by leaps and bounds, aprox 50 pounds now. He is very active and loves to play with our son's yellow lab as well as their cocker spaniel. He loves to go boating and of course..SWIM!  And nothing beats a good roll in the mud or dirt! We have shared your web site with many people, as everyone thinks that Diesel is one of the "best looking dog" they have ever seen!

 Thanks again for our new family member!
Dan and Mary

otter:) he is SO big:) xoxo

Otter (Booker x Dove Pup)

Rumple's 2nd Birthday

Rumple (Tiger x Ruby Pup)

The puppy has been great...and the kids are loving it....
Here are a few pictures.

(Mattie x Jonah Pup)

Sorry I haven't written but I just wanted to send you a picture of Sadie with our daughter in her senior pictures. She is an awesome girl and can never play enough ball! She is fetch queen! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Sadie (Gunner x Mocha Pup)

we named him Otter:)

Otter (Booker x Dove Pup)

Here are some pictures we took of Max!, we love him so much and he is such a smart boy.

Max (Midnight x Blaze Pup)

Just wanted to send some new pics of Trooper.  He is doing great, just getting smarter everyday.  We have started daily walks with him, and he got a chance to visit, Sydney and Chip at Judi Browns house.  He has gained about 12 pounds since he got here, and all his vet check ups have been great.  Enjoy the photos.
Paul and Karen

Trooper (Booker and Keeper Pup)

Hello Rosie!
We thought we would send you a few pictures of Cayman ALL GROWN UP!!! Hard to believe she is about 6 1/2 months old already.  We don't know what we ever did without her with us - she is truly part of the family!!! 
As you look through the pictures it won't take you too long to realize that Cayman is one very, very spoiled pup!  She is learning more and more tricks every day...and is a great listener!   People are very impressed when we tell them how old she is because she is such a good listener; especially for her age...of course she gets compliments on what a beautiful girl she is on a daily basis too! We spend a lot of time at our cabin - she LOVES the boat and swimming...oh and she likes riding on the jetski too (picture below).

Cayman is a great family dog that is forsure!  She is exactly what we had hoped for and more so THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures! (The pictures were taken from April - can see in the pictures how much she has matured even in the last 3 months!)
Travis, Nicole, Mya and Cayman

Cayman (Booker and Chloe Pup)

I thought that you would like to see a picture of the boys together.  Trooper spent the morning with us last Thursday and he was one tired puppy when he left.  He and Chip played together all morning Sidney is being the big brother and keeping watch over them. You are welcome to put the pictures on your website.

Sidney 3 years old and weighing in at 108.4 pounds (Booker/Sadie 2007), Chip 2.5 years old and weighing 80.4 pounds(Gunner/Mocha 2007) and Trooper 3 months old and weighing 23 pounds(Booker/Keeper 2010). 
What a group of HANDSOME BOYS from FAMILY LOVED LABS!  Beautiful Labs just keep being produced from you guys.
Did somebody say treat?

Big Brother and Little Brother.
Beautiful Boy Chip is hot and tired and looking for a cool spot for a nap, so he laid down in a puddle from the water bowls.

Hope you enjoy the pic B-Dawg having fun. What a great dog he is

B-Dawg (Brook and Booker Pup)

She is very smart, kind, and loving, sticks by my side all the time!  Loves Birds!

Bella (Booker Pup)

Thought you'd enjoy this pic Steve got yesterday at the lake.... carolyn

Miss Sadie (Gunner x Mattie Pup)

Hi! Here's a couple pictures of Sophie. Sorry we haven't sent any for awhile. We can't believe she's a year old already! She is doing good, still very spoiled. She has her favorite spot on the couch where she likes to sleep. She's very lovable.

Have a good weekend!

Dale and Jenny

Sophie (Dyna x Booker pup)

Hi Rosie-
Brinkley is now almost 30 pounds!  This past weekend he jumped in my
couch for the first time, he was cute I had to take his picture!
Isn't he handsome - I adore him can you tell??
Brinkley is doing great, he just started puppy training
I will send you a few more pics.
I hope you're well.

Brinkley (Booker x Dyna Pup)

Just wanted to send some pictures of Rusty that were taken by our daughter. 
This is our granddaughter, Emma, in the picture with him.  They have become best friends.   We have purchased a home in Washington, PA. and are spliting our time between PA and VA.  Rusty is growing into a wonderful addition to our family and everyone believes he is part human!  Well hope all is well with your family and the puppies you continue to provide  for families like ours.  Enjoy your summer.  Becky and family

Rusty (Tiger x Ruby Pup)

Bugs loves to hunt... Tyrone

We just wanted to share this picture with you.  As you can see since the day that we received Riley (a surprise to the family from my husband - thanks Rosie for helping him keep the secret)  the kids have forgotten where their beds are.  Riley is an awesome dog and we can�t thank you enough.  Riley has already learned how to sit, stay and give both paws.  What a great family pet.

from the Smith Family

 Riley (Diamond) from Dyna and Booker litter born on December 11, 2009

Dakota ~ going for a ride.  She's such a pretty girl.

Dakota (Midnight x Booker Pup)

"Although Bugs LOVES to hunt and is excellent at it, he's also is the BEST FAMILY DOG, we love him so much! It would be so hard to think what life would be without him in our lives..  Thanks again for the loving dog .. God Bless  .. Yours Tyrone

Bugs (Gunner Pup)

I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you for starting her off on the litter
training!!!  I never would have believed that a puppy at 8 weeks old
could be trained to use a litter box, but the proof is in this simple
but PROFOUND fact...she has not messed in our house once!  Not only
that, she has only used the litter box a few times and goes outside
every time we take her out!!!  This has made her a COMPLETE joy to have
in our house!

We passed the AKC Good Canine Citizen and the Therapy Dog International tests.  We work through the Coulee Region Humane Society.  It's been a great experience and he's doing well.  I'm glad he kept his "puppy face"!!  I truly believe he could have been a service dog in a variety of settings.  I'm sure his little sister will do well.  That's awesome.  There is a lot of research on how dogs are helpful to kids with autism as well. Your dogs fit the service model well.


Charlie (Booker Pup)

Hi Randy and Rosy-
Please see the attached letter of reference I am happy to provide. We've had our little Sonny almost a year now and couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for working with us to provide us with such an important part of our lives- our dog! We love him so much!
 Sincerely,   Kelly
I just wanted to follow up and let you know how happy we are with our little guy Sonny (Coco x Gunner). He is almost 1 year old and we couldn�t have asked for a better fit for our family! He is such a delight and he has such a fun, loving and CALM disposition. He listens very well and gets along with every dog he meets (including the two Springer Spaniels my mom has). We took him up to our cabin during the summer and he loved the water! He is also learning to use his nose, as he is sniffing things out left and right. One of my favorite things about Sonny is that he is a cuddle-bug. He loves to sit on the couch with me and snuggle right before he goes to bed. He is a very calm and loving boy.

Thank you for allowing us to come up and visit your family and your dogs. It was so nice to see where the dogs were kept and how much love they get from your family (especially Trevor!). You were so helpful in working with us to choose the best litter/match for our needs. I would highly recommend Family Loved Labs to anyone that wants a calm, loving, beautiful Labrador. Please feel free to send this to anyone that needs a reference. I would be more than happy to answer any questions/concerns they would have, and send them pictures!

Thanks again for a providing such great customer service and I can�t even tell you how happy we are with our little guy.

Thanks again!!!


Rosie and Randy:

Meeting Bravo was such a magical experience. So, therefore, his name will be Magic. He is so smart, playful, fearless, and full of spirit. He moves around with such confidence, and will definitely grow up to be a great dog - and a showstopper at that! He is adapting very quickly. We are proud to have him as part of the family.

Here are some pictures of my daughter, Sapphira, with Magic in the snow. We will send updated pictures as he grows.

Thanks so much!


Magic "Bravo" (Booker x Breezy Pup)

Will and Pancho resting at the end of a first big day. He's so cute!!

Pancho (Booker Pup)


I did and she is a BEAUTY too�a very sweet and  kind beauty.

Bets to you all!


Bella (Cali x Gunner Pup)

Well we have started with basic training ourselves so far. She does however start puppy kindergarten in 2 weeks. She knows how to sit, lay down, paw. We are working on stay, and she is catching on quick. Everyone was so impressed with the fact that she could sit and lay down after the first week of having her.  Her house training has gone AMAZING! She was potty trained within the first three weeks. We used a bell on the door with her potty training, and it has worked great. She is using it all by herself now! She does like to nibble quite a bit, but she is getting better every day. She is such a joy to have around, we are so pleased with her. A few of her favorite things are laying by the heat vent in the morning, jumping in the bathtub and drinking from the faucet, and belly rubs. Hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you so much for our AWESOME girl, we love her so  much!


He's already warming up to his new surroundings.  Absolutely adorable!
I will send new pics soon.
Thanks Much-

Duke (Dyna x Booker Pup)

Hi Rosie: just an update on Abby: still the super dog!! she is also the most beautiful and friendly and loving dog in the world...thanks for my best friend...pic of her swimming in the cold water with her golden friend on my profile

Hi Randy, Rosie and family, well we got her home late last night, with absolutely no issues. She wined a little bit out of your driveway and never again since. We fed her on schedule during the drive home and stopped for bathroom breaks each time, with absolutely no accidents, she was quite the trooper. The whole family was completely surprised,almost in tears. Both my kids have still not gone to bed, they have become her official parents. They pet her and love her until she falls asleep in their arms. I think they officially named her Riley. She's a very wonderful dog and the whole family thanks you immensely. Thanks Rob  (Booker x Dyna Pup Diamond - "Riley")

Bella is the most loving, wonderful, beautiful, obedient, smart dog in the whole world.

Booker x Pearl Pup

 Booker's puppies were exceptionally beautiful with wonderful, easy-going adaptable temperaments. Our vet said they were the healthiest, best-looking litter of puppies she had seen in several years. Randy and Rosie are great people to work with. They are ethical, knowledgeable, and they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the health and happiness of their puppies. They love their dogs so much. I would strongly recommend Family Loved Labs to anyone looking for a great lab and a positive buying experience. Thanks Randy and Rosie!

Good evening Rosie and Family-
I wanted to give you a quick email update on Cayman.  She has been a great addition to our family.  As you can see by the attached photos she is COMPLETELY spoiled!!! She is doing great with the potty training, just a few accidents here and there, but pretty good.  We have her on a consistent schedule which has made it easier to work on the potty training. 
She is getting bigger by the day - she has gained 5 pounds! 
We were actually at the vet for the first time since we got her.  Everything looks great - she is a completely normal, healthy lab.  Of course the staff loved her coloring!!! 
I have attached a few pictures. 
I hope you had a blessed Holiday Season and wish you a GREAT 2010!
Travis, Nicole & Mya

Wanted to send you a picture of Hero! He is doing great, and we absolutely love him. He is the best. Thank you so much. All of our friends are wanting to know where we got him we are sending them your way! Hope you had a great Christmas and a great New Year!
Troy and Deidre

Thought I would finally email you to tell you how very happy we are with Maggie.  She is an amazing pup.
She looks just like her father.....beautiful and you are right, everyone wants to see her and pet her.  I won't let them pet her but I let each person take one or two photos. She poses for photos, very pretty.  She will be sign autographs soon.
I have attached 2 photos of Maggie with her boys - Truely proud!
God Bless and thanks for the help.

Maggie (Chloe x Booker Pup)

Hi Rosie! 
I've been thinking of you!   These were taken today. Emma is a love! She is smart and so affectionate. We cannot begin to tell  you how happy we are that she is ours! Please forgive the length of time since I've sent you pictures, I just don't know where the time goes. By the way is it my imagination or does she look like Booker? Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

Emma ( Summer x Booker Pup)


We are having a good time with Sophie, she is such a sweet lovable girl. I can't believe she is 7 months old already. She always wants to be close to where we are. She is also very smart. Dale took her to his family's cabin during hunting and everyone loved her. One of his brothers wanted to take her home. They were impressed with how many commands she knew and how happy she was. Everyone who sees her comments on how beautiful she is and her stocky build. She loves to retrieve and she loves peanut butter. We did have issues early on with her biting and jumping but they have gotten so much better since she's gotten older. We love her!

Jenny & Dale



Merry Christmas from Sadie in Texas!!!
carolyn and bailey

Sadie (Gunner x Mattie pup)

hey rosie just thought youd like to see a few pictures of gunner he is doing great thanks again.

Gunner (Mattie x Gunner pup)

Hi Rosie,

I wanted to let you know how Barkley is doing and share a couple of pictures now that she's one year old.  As you can see, she has grown a lot and weighs about 80 pounds.  She is very healthy.  I think she looks a lot like her dad, Booker!  You can see it in her eyes and she has a thick throat and chest as well.  She is beautiful and very sweet!  Remember when I told you she doesn't really go after the ball or swim yet?  Well all that changed.  I now can't keep her out of the water, she absolutely loves it.  In fact, she jumped off the boat in the middle of Puget Sound this summer.  Fortunately she was wearing her life vest so we had a handle to lift her out of the water and pull her back in the boat!!  She ignores other dogs and is focused on the tennis ball when we go to parks.  She is 100% lab!  People comment about how calm she is and they are so surprised when they learn she is just one year old.  She still goes to day care about twice a week and she is the owner's favorite!  I'm thinking about continuing her Good Citizen Canine training now that she is older and has more focus.  I have no doubt she can learn whatever I teach her.

Every now and then she visits with Charlie Brown (Derek and Erin's pup) who moved up to Seattle from LA in July.  Charlie and Barkley just love each other and are non-stop when they get together.  Charlie is doing really well too.  He's two months younger than Barkley but really well behaved and healthy.  Erin and Derek couldn't be happier with him.  Barkley and Charlie are very happy labs and are very loved and well cared for.

In the last photo, Barkley is wearing her Pink engagement collar she received from Charlie!  I told you they loved each other.  :)  And, I think the pink collar is particularly appropriate since she was "Miss Pink" when she was first born.

I check your website every now and then to look at your puppies and see how you're all doing.  I'm so tempted to get another pup from you but Barkley keeps us plenty busy.  Thank you for breeding such great pups!  I never thought I'd have another lab as wonderful as Quincy, my white lab that passed away just over a year ago now, but Barkley is just as sweet.  She brings so much happiness into my life and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the strong foundation you and your family have laid with her.

I'll send more updates on Barkley over time.

All my best to you and your family.


 Barkley (Booker x Sadie pup)

 Hi Rosie,
                    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Duggie( Gunner Mocha 08) and Bear E.White (Booker Marcie 09 MB-3) are doing.  Bear E. White is growing so much.  At 6 months and 3 weeks he weighs 75 pounds.  Bear E. and Duggie are always following each other around.  They are contently playing together and running around.  That is why I would recommend getting 2 labs.  Even when I don't get to take them for there daily walk (they usually go at least 5 days a week) they do get there exercise. Bear E. always tries to put toys in Duggies mouth to get him to play, which seems to always work, and Duggie does the same thing.  Bear always has to have something in his mouth to carry around.  Very seldom do you see him without anything in his mouth.  I need to take up bird hunting since he seems to be such a natural at retrieving when we play in the yard.  Bear seems to get along great with other dogs besides Duggie.  You must socialize them very well, as Duggie was very good with other dogs and to have Bear do the same it must be because of the breeder.  They both shed a lot less them my yellow lab that I use to have, which is a good thing.  I could not be any happier with my 2 guys!  I hope you and your family have a marry Christmas and a happy new year.
~ The Bakers

  Bear E.White (Booker Marcie 09 MB-3) and Duggie( Gunner Mocha 08)

Hi Rosie,
I hope you're doing well. Hugo is doing really well! He is about 65 pounds now of solid muscle. It's amazing how strong he is! He is such a sweet little boy. He is very smart and loves to play and go for walks. It's amazing to see just how smart he is - you can look in his eyes and see him thinking when he's presented with a challenge or a situation in which he has to make a decision. He loves people and is always friendly and excited to meet anyone. I don't have many pictures of him at the moment but I've attached a picture from last weekend. If I get a chance to take any more I will send them your way. I highly recommend that anyone who wants a Labrador purchase one of your Labs. Hugo is the kindest most loving dog I've ever met and we are very thankful to have him. He reminds me a lot of Dyna in the brief time I met her.

Take Care!

Dear Rosie,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the millionth time for our girl Kai. We celebrated her birthday at the end of October and have been reflecting on how much fuller our lives have been in the past year since we've had herKai is the sweetest, silly-est, most lovable girl in the world. She has fun going for walks in the woods or on the beach and just LOVES the water.  She is a big snuggle bug and we love it, though don't have the heart to tell her that she is not really a lap dog.  You and your family were so wonderful to get to know and we are just so thankful for all the hard work you did with her.  I wish we lived closer so you could see what a lovely lady Kai's become.  We love her so much and are incredibly grateful that we found you!

I hope that this finds your family well and thank you for raising such wonderful pups!
Kathryn, Joe and Kai

Hi Rosie,
We just wanted to let you know that Missy made it to our house safe and sound on Saturday night and is doing very well.  We can tell she is well-trained and she has already brought a lot of happy times to our kids (and us).
Thank you again for your flexibility and all of the information you provided to us. ~ Scott and Melanie

Here is a picture of Bugs , He is so smart and he loves us very much . He'll be going hunting this year and is already a great hunting dog, I'll send you some pictures of him with his birds . He is a natural . Best and  again Thanks we love him very much Ty

Bugs (Gunner pup)

(Pearl x Booker Pup)

This is our Cid, he is growing, growing and growing.  Very adorable as always...WE LOVE HIM Dearly!

BDAWG (Booker  x Brook Son) We love him so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh He has brains and beauty!  He's the best looking dog on he sidewalk!

   Gunner has been such and enjoyment to have . After a few days of adjusting to his new home he is as happy as can be. He hasn't had an accident in the house and knows how to sit. He is a beautiful dog and extremely intelligent and curious. He seems to want to examine everything for himself and loves to sit and watch me when I am working on something. He seems to be getting used to his daily routine and I receive numerous compliments on how well he behaves as well as his temperament. Thank you for everything Brian.

Hi Rosie and Randy,
Our little girl arrived last night and is as wonderful as we were hoping she would be.  She is such a sweetie and is just gorgeous.  The kids absolutely LOVE her (as do we!) and she is already a well loved member of our family.  We think her name will be Bailey.  We are attaching a photo of her with Isabella and Cooper.
Thanks so much!
Tina and Matt

Gunner x Mattie 09

Happy Birthday Rumple!! And Happy 11th Anniversary Kolin and Ellen

Ruby and Tiger Red Puppy...... RUMPLE IS AN AWESOME BOY!!

I just want to share my experiences with anyone considering adopting a dog from Rosie and Randy from Family Loved Labs.  When my husband and I starting to think about adopting a dog, we weren't sure where to go or how to determine a quality breeder.  Like many people - we started to look at websites of breeders.  I knew that we were looking for a breeder that had good looking dogs with quiet temperament.  We aren't a family of hunters, show or any other competitive interests - but wanted a dog that would take to a life of lots of outdoor activities and a great family companion.  Websites are a first step in uncovering a quality breeder - but nothing can compare to talking to and visiting with the dogs and family - so that's what I did.  Started the conversation. 
In speaking with Rosie over the phone, it was very clear to me that she cared a great deal about her dogs and the potential homes that her labs would go into.  She asked me a number of thoughtful questions that any caring owner would want to know - where the dog would live, our interests in labs and what kind of life would a dog have with us, in addition - we discussed the adoption process - puppy socialization - her family activities with all of the dogs and puppies and a whole host of other topics of interest to both of us.  We decided to move forward and visit her home and the puppies up for adoption.
My husband and I visited Rosie and family a few weeks ago.  We were welcomed by her two youngest children - Larissa and Trevor - and the cutest puppies, Bear and Boy 2.  A moment later - Rosie and Randy joined us in the grass - playing with the puppies.  As we talked to the family and played with the puppies - it was so obvious to us that each member of the family had such a love for the dogs in their care.  Larissa brought Gunner (the dad) to meet us and she showed us how well trained he is.  She has trained Gunner so well - in fact she going to state with him soon.  She was proud to show all that they do together as a team - and he was happy to receive affection from all of us after a job well done.  Trevor brought out a few more dogs for us to meet - all very friendly and very social.  Trevor had fun showing us some of his favorite times spent with his dog.  All the while we were able to observe the dynamic and personalities of the dogs.  We then were able to meet Mocha (the mom) and see where the puppies are being raised and cared for.  All of which was very clean and comfortable for the dogs.  They have a huge space for dogs to spend time outside and run.  The  housing for the dogs is very organized.  We were impressed with all that we saw.
We came away from that visit with a wonderful sense for the kinds of labs they raise and the environment in which they are cared for.  They are a family of integrity and each one takes personal responsibility for caring for the labs - whatever their role - and breeding great labs.  Their website reflects a dedicated family in love with labs - and that is exactly what we experienced first hand.  We would recommend them to anyone.  Julia & Bill

Hi Rosie. Just a quick not to keep u up to date on Abby. She is such a beautiful dog... She is still pure white and has the most beautiful head! Looks like she will end up looking just like her dad. I'm going to have her spayed next month...Sure u don't want to breed her? She is also the smartest, most affectionate dog I have ever had. Although she is still crated at night. she has a bed in the living room and sits like a princess on it!! lol I have a huge kennel in the back and if I have to go out on nice days she sits on her lounge chair in the kennel...sooo funny...Thanks will send pics soon...I love this dog so much

Hi Rosie,
Sorry it's taken us so long to update you with pictures of Yoda.  He's growing so fast!  He's already learned how to sit, come and drop, but we just started puppy class to reinforce everything and to learn more commands.  He loves to play fetch.  We hope to get him in the water soon so he can start swimming.  We know he's going to be a great hunting dog because he already loves to chase the bugs and toads in our yard! He loves people and other dogs and most people are amazed at how calm he is for being so young.  He's been an absolute joy, we don't know what we would do without him. 
Take care,
Jason & Sara and Yoda

Yoda (Booker and Dyna Pup)

Hello Rosie,
Greetings from Montana.
I hope this note finds you and your family doing well.   Here is a picture
of Duke which I took last week.  He is now just bit over one year old.
Every day he becomes more handsome....
All the best,

Duke (Summer and Booker Pup)

Hi! Here is a picture of Sophie I just took today. We weighed her the other day and she is 35 pounds. She graduated from puppy kindergarten on Monday. We are so glad we took her there, we learned so much and she is so smart. We want to get her into the next class but it sounds like it might not be until next year.


Sophie (Dyna and Booker Pup)


Canine Good Citizen
Rosie, Our boy Chip (Aka Gunner Jr.) (Gunner/Mocha 07) has passed his test and is now a Canine Good Citizen.  He did so well and completed each of the ten tasks the first time without having any redo's.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.  He is such a good boy and has not only calmed down immensely since coming to live with us.  He is now sleeping at by our bed on his own Costco bed at night.  He sleeps all night without a peep from him.  He doesn't get up or wander during the night.  Thanks for sending another sweet smart boy to the Brown family.

Randy and Rosie,

I am happy to announce that Charlie passed the Canine Good Citizen & Pet therapy international test last night!!!  He is officially a Pet Therapy Dog!!!  I'm so excited to get him started.  First there is a bunch of paperwork to be filed then we can get busy!  He is so good with little kids I'm hoping we can make some visits to the pediatric cancer unit at the hospital here in La Crosse.  They are big fans of Therapy Dogs. 

We'll keep you posted!!


    Rosie and all,

I am attaching a few pictures of Charlie "Bear" since he just turned one last week.  He is an awesome dog - he definitely looks like his Daddy in the one picture.  we will be taking the Pet Therapy /Good Canine Citizen test in a couple of weeks.  He will be a great therapy dog - his temperament and disposition are perfect for this. He has lots of puppy and human friends for hiking and play dates.   Everybody knows "CHARLIE"!!!!  He loves music and likes to go to summer concerts in the park.  Thanks for breeding a great line of labs!!     Tammy

Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy International

 Charlie (Booker Pup)

"Hi Rosie - Just an update about Abby...She is the smartest, most loving young dog din the world!!!  I thank you!!  She swims all the time...just crashes into the water!  I too her to a match show the other day to "socialize"  Without a doubt she had more people stop to comment on her beauty and friendliness then any other dog.  She was in heaven.  I went into a handlers class for fun.  and one of the judges worked with us separately, because she was so young..  Such fun...she will be great at obedience and maybe agility.  she taught herself to sit...   Hope all's well...Liz"

Here are a few pictures of Ziggy.  She is doing great and is a wonderful
dog.  We all love her much!!

Ziggy (Pearl and Booker pup)

Hi Rosie!

We wanted to update you on Miss Coco Bella!  She is doing so great!  She has adapted quite well into our family. 

Bella loves the water - she has surprised us a few times by jumping into the bath tub with the girls, jumping into a river and is not shy about jumping into any random pool.  It is so hilarious.  She is very smart and learns quickly...she has learned to sit, shake and down.  She also loves dirty socks and shoes.  She is potty trained and loves her kennel.  She is so beautiful - a very rich dark brown with those big green eyes.  We can't believe how fast she is growing.  The little fat puppy is gone and she is turning into a very slender girl with  legs!   

We love her to pieces!  Here are some pics of her.

We have recommended Family Loved Labs to tons of people.  Thank you so much!


Mark & Cindy

Coco Bella Bean (Cali and Gunner Pup)



Hi Rosie and Randy!
Abbi is still doing fantastic here, up at the camp. The weather has not been pleasent - but that does not get her down.
She is getting really big! She is almost as tall as our other dog - but Abbi is all legs. Here are some pictures of her....
Abbi loves the water in many ways... She has been in swimming a few times, loves to retrieve, she also enjoys blowing bubbles in the lake and drinking from the bottom of her water bowl. She still is a foody dog and will eat ANYTHING in sight.
She gives the older dogs a run for their money when it's play fighting time - another one of her favorite past times!

Hope all is well,
Jessica, Jeremy and Abbi

Abbi (Pearl and Booker Pup)

Hello Rosie Family,

Just dropping by for a quick update on Harley (Mattie's Boy2). He is 6 months old as of July 1st and 65 pounds. He is doing GREAT, such a good dog. He has completed the Super Good Manners Program @ Super Dooper Dog Training and has received his medal and certificate for the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program. Thanks again for such an amazing dog! We love him so! 
Sincerely, Mary, Jason, Joshua & Harley
Good Manners Program

Harley (Mattie and Gunner Pup)

Dear Rosie,

I can't believe a month has gone by since Hugo flew into Philadelphia and joined the family. He is such a joy and truly an amazing puppy.

Geoffrey and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work and love you put into breeding and raising puppies. When I first visited your home and learned about how you breed, I was amazed at the cleanliness of the puppies' home from birth to adoption age. The small houses with multiple rooms you've constructed for the mother and her litter to live in was amazing. I felt confident that the puppies were receiving wonderful care as they grew.

Since Hugo has arrived at our home, I have been shocked by how well-behaved he is and intelligent. He's very loving and always wants to be near us. He's almost 12 weeks old now and he is house-trained!! Your work with him has put him far ahead of most dogs. He knows to go to the door and sit there. He even rings chimes next to the door to tell us he needs to go out. He learns everything very quickly and can already sit, lay down, come, stay, woof and shake on command. When it's time for a meal, he sits quietly and waits for me to tell him it's ok to approach his bowl and eat.

Hugo is currently in Puppy Kindergarten at Petsmart and we are proud to share that the teacher says that he is the top of the class!

Training Hugo has helped us realize how lucky we are to have adopted him from you and that most puppies out there would be a nightmare and take forever to train compared to him!

Attached are some pictures of him so you can see him now.

Thank you for everything!

Laura & Geoffrey


Hugo (Dyna and Booker Pup)





We just wanted to give you an update on Sophie and figured you might want to see a picture of her. She is growing a lot! We are enjoying her very much even though she keeps us very busy! We took her for a short ride in the truck tonight to see how she reacted and she kind of freaked out but calmed down by the end.

Sophie (Booker and Dyna pup)

  I just wanted to let you know that Bear is doing fine.  Duggie and Bear have been getting along so good together.  I could not have hoped for such wonderful dogs.  I would defiantly encourage any one who has one of your dogs to get a second one.  I think it is the best thing I ever did for Duggie is to get Bear.  They just love to play together.  Even when they are not playing Bear follows Duggie around like a little puppy dog that he is.  Bear is getting so big.  He is already 27 pound at 11 weeks.  ~ Baker Family


     Dear Rosie,

I can't believe a month has gone by since Hugo flew into Philadelphia and joined the family. He is such a joy and truly an amazing puppy.

Geoffrey and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work and love you put into breeding and raising puppies. When I first visited your home and learned about how you breed, I was amazed at the cleanliness of the puppies' home from birth to adoption age. The small houses with multiple rooms you've constructed for the mother and her litter to live in was amazing. I felt confident that the puppies were receiving wonderful care as they grew.

Since Hugo has arrived at our home, I have been shocked by how well-behaved he is and intelligent. He's very loving and always wants to be near us. He's almost 12 weeks old now and he is house-trained!! Your work with him has put him far ahead of most dogs. He knows to go to the door and sit there. He even rings chimes next to the door to tell us he needs to go out. He learns everything very quickly and can already sit, lay down, come, stay, woof and shake on command. When it's time for a meal, he sits quietly and waits for me to tell him it's ok to approach his bowl and eat.

Hugo is currently in Puppy Kindergarten at Petsmart and we are proud to share that the teacher says that he is the top of the class!

Training Hugo has helped us realize how lucky we are to have adopted him from you and that most puppies out there would be a nightmare and take forever to train compared to him!

Attached are some pictures of him so you can see him now.

Thank you for everything!

Laura & Geoffrey Rohlfing


Sorry it�s taken so long to get back to you. Cowboy is such a wonderful dog and so very, very smart. He has grown quite a bit and will be  6 months old as of July 1st. Can�t keep him out of the lake which is his back yard but that�s ok he loves it.



Cowboy (Gunner and Mattie Pup)



Hello Rosie,
I hope this note finds you and your family doing well.  Duke has grown at a
very rapid rate, and its hard to believe that he is about to turn 10 months.
His weight has stabilized, finally, at a whopping 92 pounds!!! And none of
that is fat.  I think that we should of named him the beast instead of Duke.
He is a real handsome fellow.
In April we went to Florida and he finally got a chance to get into the
water.  He just loved it, and he has now become a very strong swimmer.  He
leaves ginger in the dust, granted she does the same to him when its time to
We introduced Ginger and Duke to
a canoe, last month and he loves to go out on the canoe.  He actually jumps
in it and sits down while the canoe is still on the grass.

His personality is still evolving, but his heart remains as white as his
color.  He is extremely well natured, is always in a great mood, and he is
just a joy to be around.  He treats Ginger as his best friend and mother.
Wherever she goes, you will see Duke not far behind.
Have a great week, and will send you some pictures of Duke as he matures.
All the best to you and to your family,

Duke (Summer and Booker Pup)


Shiloh is a happy dog & always smiling!


Shiloh (Pearl x Booker Pup)

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Porter at 8 months. He is amazing and truly loves the water as you will see in the pictures, I can't keep him out of it! I hope all is well with you and your family, thanks again for an amazing dog.

Porter (Gunner x Cali Pup)


He loves everybody.He is the smartest Lab I've had and is a natural bird lover, he will hunt with me this season coming up. We named him Bugs McSweeney the love bug, he looks like our Pastor.he loves the truck and car rides and will hang with me all day, gets me up every morning at 6:00 AM , loves the water jumps of the dock and goes for the birds. He is our love bug for sure. 
 I hope all is well and all the gogies are happy like Bugs Thanks again , Bugs makes our Heaven on earth .... God Bless You and Have a Blessed Day.. Tyrone

Bugs (Gunner Pup)

Hi! Dakota is fantastic. He is still the best dog EVER!!!! We still can't get over how obedient he is.

Thank you for doing such a good job in bringing these wonderful dogs into the world.


Ziggy is doing great.  We took up north last weekend for the holiday and she
Had a blast......... 

Ziggy (Pearl x Booker Pup)

After a day of climbing... Hanging out in the van

Rumple  (Ruby x Tiger Pup)

These pictures are a comparison of Rumple (Ruby x Tiger Pup) now and when he was really little

Here are a few pictures of Guinness' first day with his new family in Salt Lake City. Thank you very much for taking such good care of him...he is so sweet. We all are enjoying him sooo much.

Guinness (Cocoa x Gunner Pup)

Hi Rosie,

I hope this note finds you all well and enjoying Spring.  I just wanted you to know that Chip has completed and graduated from Intermediate Obedience Training at Petsmart and will begin the advanced Obedience Training  in Mid May.  He did very well in the class and Sidney came to class to congratulate him on his progress,
Take Care,
Chip (Gunner x Mocha Pup)

Hi Rosie-


I wanted to send you an update on Bishop.  He is the most incredible dog in the entire world.  Our three children absolutely adore him & he couldn't possibly be more wonderful with them.  He loves hiking, the beach & the snow...I've attached a couple of pictures.  The only problem is that, while he grows bigger every day, he still adamantly believes that he is a lap dog :)

We've decided that we want to get a second dog for our family & based on Bishop's disposition, we're confident that you raise the best puppies ever!!!

Thanks so much!
Devon, John, Chase, Thomas, Charlotte & Bishop

Bishop (Gunner x Angel Pup)


Today we took Shiloh to the St. Augustine beach & she loved it!  I was able to capture her first steps into the ocean.


Shiloh (Booker x Pearl Pup)

Hi Rosie!

Abbi is doing amazing. Everyone loves her and wants to take her home. Even my friends who are afraid of dogs. LOL.
She is loving her new home and all her new friends. We have been taking TONS of photos!!

Family Loved Labs definitely holds true to its name! We picked up our new white lab puppy from the Christensen�s beautiful farm. Our new puppy, Abbi, welcomed us at the door. We spent time visiting with the family and our new puppy. The Christensen�s are a very caring and loving family who are devoted to breeding and nurturing dogs and their puppies.

The facility was very clean and well organized.  The puppies and nursing moms have a very comfortable and loving environment 
which makes for a happy and healthy litter of pups.  The puppies have a lot of human contact and attention which makes it much
easier to adjust to a new family home.
Abbi has adjusted very well to her new home, dogs and other family members. She is a very beautiful and well tempered pup. 
We are happy she has joined our family. Family Loved Labs is a perfect place to get a perfect four-legged family addition.
We would definitely return to Family Loved Labs for another pup. We highly recommend getting your new addition to your family
from Family Loved Labs.

Abbi (Pearl x Booker Pup)
Thanks so much, We love her

Jessica and Jeremy




We headed down to the desert for a friends wedding.  Lots of hiking, Rumple's first swim


More to come


Rumple (Ruby x Tiger Pup)

He is doing great!. He sits, lays down on command, and is retrieving the newspaper when it is not to heavy. (he's only 10 weeks)  Sleeps on the bed with her and his big brother.  Spoiled rotten!   A more spoiled rotten dog you will not find.

Christensen Family,

Just a quick note to let you know Harley Bear is doing great! 15 weeks today, 30 lbs. He has grown so fast. Everyone comments on his big paws, even his Vet. He learns very quickly and is very smart. He can sit, lay down, roll over, shake (both paws), high five, speak and stay on command. He is kennel trained. Harley has slept thru the night since his first week here. My son and him are inseparable, they absolutely love each other. He loves to nibble Joshua's ears. He has also learned not to bite too hard. If he gets to excited and rough while playing, just say "Ouch" and he'll softly nibble at you. We are so grateful that we have him in our family!

Thanks Again,

Mary, Jason, Joshua
& Harley Bear

Harley Bear (Mattie x Gunner Pup)

Rosie and Randy,
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I love my puppy!!!
He is everything that I was looking for in a male lab.
So beautiful and a fantastic dispostion!!! I just want to squeeze him everyday!

Thank you for such a great dog. You guys are doing a great job!
His name is Samson......
Mary Ann



  Dear Rosie and Randy,
  Now at almost 5 months and just over 40 lbs, Charlie Gunner is doing well and
quickly made a place and routine for himself in his new home in Alton, Ill. He has been well attended to by our vet friend and neighbor, is pretty well housebroken, gets plenty of exercise, is responding to a few commands and gets pretty excited about a couple of his dog friends in the neighborhood. As you would expect, he loves to fetch, maintains quite a high energy level, is fanatical about birds and does not seem to be gun shy. We are planning to have some more advanced training for him soon and, when the weather warms, I'm anxious to introduce him to swimming.
   Attached are some pictures of Charlie with our 8 year old Reed, Reed with a neighbor friend, and our four kids at Christmas.
    While Charlie can at times be a bit overpowering for Reed, they clearly are best pals.
   I hope the Minnesota winter is not too bad this year for you and that your new and upcoming litters remain successful.
Best regards,   ~   George

Charlie Gunner (Cali x Gunner Pup)





Rosie, Randy

Just to let you know that everything went well.  We picked him up in the airport and it was truly an amazing moment for the whole family and especially to my daughter, Alexis who had no idea about Cid until she saw the crate.

He is a gorgeous pup and he got plenty of compliments as we walk towards the parking lot.  He has an excellent temperament.  He loves to play, eat and take naps.  I love it especially when he would cuddle with me and sleep on my lap for long period of time....

I made an appointment with the local veterinarian on Monday, April 13...  I will definitely keep you guys updated and pictures will soon follow.

Thank you once again. 

Edgar, Arlene, Mark and Alexis





She is doing well. Certainly able to hold her own. Very active!!! Caliber has taken her under his wing...God love him for only being a puppy himself he has stepped in to take care of her. They are going to be great pals. Sleeping will be getting tuffer they are going to take over the king size bed. She is adorable!!!! Her pink diamond collar sets off beautiful on her white fur...Shes styling and attitude to show it off !!!!!!
Thanks ~Christa

Winter White "Reisling" (Booker x Pearl) Caliber (Gunner x Cali)






Hi Rosie,  Thanks for Hunter! He's safe and sleeping now.  He's adorable...we love him already.   -andrea


Just a quick note to let you know that Roscoe is doing great here in
Northwest Florida.  He knows his name, he knows the sit command, and
is leash training.  He has learned to use the dog door to our
backyard.  He is going to be a fantastic addition to our family. ~tama

Roscoe (Pearl x Booker Pup)



Hey Rosie, It was so nice talking with you & I'm glad to see you got the pictures of our handsome boy Chester. Everyday Chester shows us his love, devotion & his ability to learn. He's such a pleasure to be with. We had no idea what kind of dog he would turn out to be. We were pleasantly surprised. He is truly the best dog I have ever had!!!!!!  I have asked myself how did we get so lucky to have a wonderful dog? Then I realized it was not luck at all. It was because of you & your family. You knew what kind of dog we were getting & I thank you for letting us have Chester. He is a perfect match for our family.  ~Take Care. Cathy
Chester~ (Booker x Summer )

I hope things are well Rumple is INCREDIBLE.
you should consider breeding him
he's a genius. bye for now   Kolin

(Tiger x Ruby Pup)


  Hey Rosie, it's been a while and I'm sorry
I haven't sent pictures sooner, but here are a few of Chester. As you can see he is growing
like a weed. We took him to the vet on jan9 for his last check -up . His weight is 48.5 pounds.
 The Vet said he will be a very large Lab. He also said that a Lab will always have something
 in his mouth( that their job). Which we have notice. Little concerned about the rocks he gets,
 don't want him to swallow them. But besides that everything is going well. He loves the tub.
When it's time for Eric's bath I have to close the door because if not Chester would be in it.
He enjoys watching the birds at the feeder. When they fly off he wants to chase them. He still
 plays with his toy birds(had to sew them up a few times) He likes to CHEW on his chewy/bones.
 Think goodness it's not the furniture. He also likes to jump up on the kitchen chairs to watch us
 play dice. All I know is that Chester is so smart!!!!! I swear he understands what we are saying.
I have never had a dog like him before. So thank you again for giving us such a wonderful dog. ~Cathy
           Chester (Booker x Summer 08)

   Hey Rosie and family,
Its Kasie and Trey, we got Caleb from the Gunner litter back in November. First i have to say i got Caleb as an early christmas gift and it was wonderful. He is beautiful and biult so nicly. We have had the time of our life with him. We thought at first that he was going to be laid back but we were wrong ha-ha he is into everything and loves to run. He is so smart he already has learned to sit, shake, high five, lay, roll-over and play dead ha-ha. I must say the high five was pretty impressive and he does it so well. He loves the water if you are in the shower he like to stick his head in and get wet and lick the water.We bought him a stuffed animal toy duck that makes duck calls and he goes nuts over it, thats his favorite toy. Trey wants to send him to hunting school. He is a beautiful chocolate color and everyone says how cute he is. He loves going places with us he takes over the passenger seat ha-ha. Again thank you so much for such a great puppy that i know will be an amazing dog. I have attached a couple of pictures of him he gets bigger and bigger each day. We love having him around so much that we are thinking the we will get a white/yellow lab from you sometime.

Caleb  (Gunner x Cali Pup)

I just got back from his first Vet visit and everyone there just
loved him and thought he was the "best looking lab pup they
had ever seen"! I agreed.   Here are a few more pics of Porters
first week at his new home. Also, he is doing great and really
seems to love it here with me.   Thank you, Jeff

Porter (Gunner x Cali Pup)


To anyone looking for a Lab 
I research things probably more than any other person on this planet.
So when my wife and I decided it was time to get a pup, the sleepless
nights of investigating breeders online began.  We've had two labs
before, so finding one that could live up to those expectations would
be tough.  My number one priority was a lab that was well socialized.
We are outdoors a LOT, and I can take a dog to work, so having one
that could handle always being on the go, different noises, different
places, lots of different animals and people, and just in general
being mellow was key for our lifestyle.
I talked to and even visited several breeders with mixed personal
reviews.  Some are super experienced and a real "operation", others
seem to be pretty naive.  Almost all were not as responsive as I would
have preferred.  All, except Rosie at Family Loved Labs.  She got back
to me usually within the hour (or minutes) and never got tired of my
never ending questions.  She appreciated the fact that I looked at
picking a breeder and picking a pup as a super serious 10-15 year
commitment.  But most importantly I was very impressed with how much
socialization the puppies received.  So out of every breeder I spoke
with (over 20), not one came close to the socialization process of the
pups, and the responsiveness of Rosie.
I couldn't believe I was setting myself up to buy a pup online, sight-
unseen but figured that Rosie and her family could tell more about the
personality of the pups over 8 weeks of raising them, than I could in
one hour if I flew all the way out there to pick one from the litter.
So after endless emails and phone calls and weeks and weeks of anxious
waiting, young "Rumple" arrived at the airport in Salt Lake City in
tip top shape.  He's more than we could have expected and truly is a
joy to have in our family.  Everyone that meets him, including the
vet, just can't believe how gorgeous and how well behaved he is.
I'm glad to have found Rosie and Family Loved Labs, and thankful to
have Rumple in our lives.  You can follow his progress at:
Kolin & Ellen

Rumple (Tiger x Ruby Pup)

She is doing great!  Knows how to come, sit and lie down.  Walks great
on leash.  We are still working on piddling in the house, not
unexpected, and biting too hard.  Vet check up was great, very healthy
and she'll get her last puppy shots Feb 2nd. She is so much fun.  I
enjoy watching her explore the world around her and her inquisitive
mind.  She is very smart!  Thank you for all you have done to set such
a solid foundation.  We love her!  Deb

Hi Rosie, I just wanted to let you know that Champ, now known as Cody is doing very well. We absolutely adore him. He is so intelligent and are amazed at how well he is adjusting to his new home. Thank you and have a happy and healthy holiday. Attached please find the latest photo of Cody and the kids.

Take Care,                                        (Gunner x Cali 08)

Took Rumple for his first vet appointment yesterday

All the staff was FREAKING out with how gorgeous he is

Even the vet was like, "wow" "......uh"..,, wow". That is one good looking dog"

(Rumple is a Ruby & Tiger Red Puppy)

Dear Rosie,
AS most people, I was very apprehensive in going online and trying to find a
puppy.  It is very awkward and a huge leap of faith to choose a puppy
without having the benefit of seeing its parents, nor getting to know the
breeder face to face.  I searched and communicated with multiple breeders,
and from the way you answered my first and subsequent emails, you stood
apart from the rest. Your desire and insistence to get to know the
environment where your puppies would go is very important.  What finally
made me decide to go ahead and put a deposit on the puppy was our initial
conversation.  Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do could not be more obvious.  It was very clear that you enjoy what you do, that you take
tremendous care of your dogs and that your children and husband also play a
very important role in the breeding and in all of the stages which follow.
Your daughter's page on your site, provides a very personal touch and
provides a further glimpse into the way which you take care of your dogs. It
is quite obvious that they are a part of your family.

as the day finally came in which Duke would took his trip and arrived to our
house, my wife Jessica, myself, and my two youngest daughters where so
exited we could not wait for the plane to finally arrive.  Ginger our 4 year
old lab, Penny, our 10 year old maltese, and Ramely, our 5 year old
Chihuahua, did not have a clue as to the whirlwind which was about to hit
our house. In all honesty neither did we!!! When we took Duke out of his
travel cage, all of our worries and concerns where laid to rest.  Out came a
very healthy, very well fed, very clean, and very playful puppy.  When we
got home and Duke started to settle down from his trip, and began to find
his new environment not to be a threat, it became very clear how well
socialized he was.  This behavior is not something which happens overnight,
but its crafted during the upbringing which the puppy initially receives,
and It sets the proper foundations for a dog to flourish and allow his
personality to really begin to develop.
Duke is doing great. He is getting really big.  He is already 33 lbs. and is
only 14 weeks old.  Two weeks ago, we took him on his first hike thru the
snow. He enjoys playing in the snow with Ginger and we are looking forward
to the hikes this summer.  He is a most handsome and is  a very very
loveable fellow.  I just wished we would have a larger house so we could
have another one of your puppies....
Congrats on doing something which you so much enjoy doing.  My family could not be happier.  If you have anybody who would like to speak to a family
which has one of your puppies and is looking for a greater comfort level,
please feel free to give them my contact information.
I truly hope that we will be able to bring another dog into our family.
When that day finally comes, you will be the first person which I will call .
Wishing you and your family all the best,
Alain, Jessica, Natasha and Nahomi Tiphaine


"Duke is starting to show off some flair with that red scarf."

Duke (Booker x Summer pup)

Hi Rosie remember us? Dakota (Cosmo) came to us in May of this year and I just wanted to check in with you and tell you how wonderful Dakota is. Never in my life have I ever encountered such a nice dog. He is so calm, obedient, and just wonderful to have around, he really is such a sweet boy. The thing that I like about him the best is the way he is with my 1 year old daughter. He is so gentle with her, and he lets her take his toys, or backs away when she comes close to his food or chew bone. They lay at the front door together and she will use him as a pillow and they will just stare outside together. It is so cute. And of course he has gotten this idea that he is a lap dog, and all 60 pounds of him will lay across my lap at night as I watch TV. I take him to the local dog park quite a few times a week, and he just loves it. He has some favourite friends there that he likes to play with, and they just run and play together. Its so nice that he can be around other dogs, and just be a good dog. There is a pond near the dog park too and he loves going in the water. Oh by the way he is a soccer player too. He actually kicks the ball with his front paws and runs around playing soccer with the boys, it is so funny. He loves car rides. As soon as he hears my car keys he waits at the front door for me, and of course he gets to go where ever I go, he is so loyal to me. He is doing great with the training, he can be outside now off the leash and he never takes off. Sometimes he will chase our cat across the street, but he comes right back as soon as I call him.
                Anyway I hope things are doing well with you. I was almost tempted into getting another puppy from you we love Dakota so much, but my husband wont budge.
        Take care of yourself and your family. And a million thanks again for our wonderful dog, we really adore him.

Dakota (Gunner x Coco Pup)

Charlie is doing very well.  He has brought us many hours of entertainment.  Charlie has also served as the puppy for several of the marching band students, who have puppies back home. He has developed a liking for most all types of music but loves the Boston Brass.  Charlie loves walking on the UW-L campus, where he makes lots of friends, and loves hiking with his puppy friends on the bluffs. Charlie went to the vet today for his rabies shot and weighed in at 28.2 pounds.  Our vet is very pleased with Charlie's development. 

Charlie (Booker x Brook Pup)

  Hi Rosie!
How are you? We are all doing fine over here. Emma is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Such a sweetie! These were taken today.

Emma (Booker x Summer Pup)


Here's a few pics for you!  I'll send some more shortly - we'll get one of Kai, (Miss White) Joe and I when we are all together again in a few days. She's doing GREAT!! Everyone in my family loves her and she is just the sweetest, most lovable little girl!
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job in her first early days:)
Happy Holidays!
Kathryn and Joe

Dakota bear is doing great! He is growing in leaps and bounds. He is such a pleasure to have around, we all love him so much. I still can't get over how obedient he is and still so calm. Anyway I am sending you some recent pictures of our baby, I hope you like them.

Dakota (Gunner x Cocoa Pup)

Family loved Labs is the best place that I could have ever connected to. I was very leery at first about buying a puppy online. I was afraid of the kind of dog I would get and the kind of condition he/she would be in. I searched in my area and was not happy with what I was encountering. I did a search online for White Labs and found "Family Loved Labs". I sent them an email and Rosie called me with in the hour. I have never purchased a dog before and new nothing about Labs, except they are cute. Rosie walked me thru it all She took the time to explain the care she provides for her dogs and how she will continue to be a support to me after my adoption. It's not a business for them (her family), they love their dogs and want other families to share the same great experiences they have everyday with their dogs.
So after we spoke, I went online and fell in love with a male puppy. My husband and I must have asked Rosie a million questions about the puppy, I.e temperament, and color, is he dominant or docile, can you send more pictures. She was patient and kind and answered every one of the questions that I had. We decided to adopt� We trusted Rosie at this point because you can genuinely feel the love she and her family have for their puppies when you talk to them. We picked out Max (AKA Champ). Rosie sent us pictures every week to see how he is growing and to see how cute he is. She really made us feel like we where with him and part of his life. I live in Connecticut so I was not able to go and play with him and make sure we are a good fit. Rosie description of him was dead on. WE LOVE OUR MAX. He is the best thing that has come into our lives. He is sweet, healthy and loving. I could not have asked for a more adorable, playful and beautiful puppy. So please, when you read this, know this letter comes from someone like yourself and believe you can trust Family Loved Labs Rosie and I still stay in touch and Max is still very much a part of their lives. We are even thinking about adopting another puppy from them.

Here are a few pics of Wiley.  He has been so good and so sweet.  We are really excited.   We will send more pics soon.  Just wanted to get a few to you right away.  Thank you again for everything.  We will give him a good home and he is already very loved.

Wiley (Booker x Summer Pup)



Bear is amazing. I attached recent pictures from when we returned from a walk. He is beautiful and everything we expected. He is very mellow, never barks, jumps, bites or nips. You can see in his eyes that all he wants to do is please. As you can see, I think he is a spitting image of Gunner.  

He understood the invisible fence very quickly, it did not take much.

We had him neutered two weeks ago and everything went well. I expect him to get even mellower.

The vet we go to is in love with him. He said that chocolate labs are his favorite and the disposition Bear has is amazing. He indicated that he rarely sees labs like this in the Detroit area. He would take him in a minute.

The boys have made huge strides in their issues with dogs. They are very attached to Bear. I have to say that you could not have picked a better companion for Nico and Luke. They only have eyes for him.

Regards, Nick

Bear (Gunner x Coco Pup)

I thought you'd like this picture of Maggie I took today, on her one
year birthday.  She's doing great, and we love her so much!  She gets
along with the other dogs very well.  She loves going to the pond,
where we throw things in (not too far!) for her to retrieve.  She
always beats the older dogs, but they don't mind.
This picture of Maggie was taken with a birthday present I got for her.

Hi Rosie!  Mike asked me to send you a couple pictures of Coco.  She's doing great, and absolutely LOVES the water.  I took her to a pond yesterday where she did "dock jumping" for the first time, so there are some pictures from that.  She's a really wonderful dog and is so happy.  She's very well-behaved and mellow - we rarely have to use a leash with her around town, and when we go hiking or out in the country she's very good about staying with us.  The only thing that we're working on with her is leaving her at home alone.  She doesn't like her crate very much and actually has managed to push the door open after it's locked, so I think we'll try to set up an area in our basement that's nice and open for her - if you have any ideas, we'd appreciate them.  I'm sure that while I wasn't working for the first 3-4 months that we had her she just got used to me being with her all day every day, but we'll work on her being home alone, so hopefully she'll get better with it.
Aside from that, she's a perfect dog - even our vet has said so, and actually asked where we got her for the next time that he gets a dog (we were happy to refer him to you).  Mike and I are just really loving having her.  She is in a very good home with us and couldn't ask for parents that love her more.  She gets a lot of exercise, she goes with us everywhere she can, she spends a lot of the other time with my parents and their yellow lab Dodge (he's been in some other pictures that I've sent you), and she is certainly one of the family if not the biggest part of it!  We couldn't be happier having her in our lives. 
Anyway, here are some pictures of our baby - enjoy!

took these two days ago



Crosby is growing like mad, and getting strong as an ox. He and the cats seem to love

 chasing one another; they also snuggle and sleep together sometimes. I, for one, am

astonished though; he lets us know when he needs to go out for a walk and we�ve had

no accidents for several days. I�ve never had a puppy that learned so fast. While he does

 forget, he knows what �off� means, and he comes to his name if not too preoccupied.  

Crosby is most definitely a member of the family, a child for us, and we love him beyond words. 

I will try to make some time for the reference letter next week; however the holidays and tight

client schedules have made finding time difficult. Best regards, Rick and Dyana 

Crosby (Coco and Gunner Pup)

Hi Rosie! Candy is doing wonderful!!!She is soooo  pretty and we love her so very much. We are so luckyto have found ya'll and have her come from such a wonderful, caring
family. We tell everyone about your web-site and how special ya'll are. We have LOTS of wonderful pictures to send you.The pictures you added to your shipping section are so cute and we feel honored to be part of it.  Candy goes to work with us every day. She is the "toast" of the office!! and has her own play-pen with lots of toys, a spot for food
and rest AND gets lots of hugs from everyone. She has her daddyand mommy wrapped around her paw!!!
     Everyday Rick and I are in awe at how beautiful she is and she does wear us out --but we love her so much!!! We still miss our RJ very much but Candy helps fill that void with lots of play and kisses
and love! thanks again for doing such an awesome job at raising great puppies. Well I better stop this note for now and will talk to you soon
Julie, Rick AND Candy  with love and sloppy kisses!!!

Candy (Coco and Gunner Pup)


Hello Rosie!

Our Annabelle Camille is just great. She is a WONDERFUL dog. She has taken to our family perfectly.

 She still has her puppy ways some days. She likes to chew (but not as much as before) and has her

�frisky� times. But she is totally potty trained and has been for awhile. She obeys and listens really well.

 She truly wants to please us. We just love her and can�t imagine life without her. We love the color of her

eyes, kind of a hazel color and her fur is a dark chocolate just so rich and pretty.  Linda, Troy, Emma, Matt and Annabelle 





 Coco Chanel formerly Charlotte is gorgeous and so loving we are very happy and very lucky to have found her through Family Loved Labs we will send pictures in future as she grows up and enjoys Football Saturdays in State College Pa..



Coco Chanel (Gunner x Coco Pup)


Thank you so much, Chelsie is worth every penny and then some.
We are so grateful and blessed to have her as a part of our family.
Your friends in the Poconos,
Peter and Cassandra
 Rosie, Just wanted to drop you a quick line and express our extreme satisfaction with Family Loved Labs.  You made our experience truly a memorable one. Not only did you fully answer all of our questions and make us feel truly comfortable throughout the entire process, especially when it came to the shipping, you also chose the perfect puppy for us. Your professionalism and outgoing personality along with your knowledge is second to none. We would strongly recommend Family Loved Labs to anyone who is interested in purchasing a beautiful labrador retriever.
We thank you so much again and are truly greatful to have found you and your website. You have helped us through one of the most difficult times of our lives. The only word that describes how we feel is "priceless"!
Love your friends in the Poconos,
Pete, Cassandra, Chelsie and Chloe
Christa is doing great!!!  she cries when she has to go to the bathroom and we take her out, no accidents yet....she woke up at 4:30 am, i took her out and then she slept on our bed the whole night, had to wake her up to take her outside....she is a adorable, smart and beautiful little girl...we are so happy to have her....will send pictures after the holidays...thank you again...lisa
Christa (Coco and Gunner Pup)
 I had been looking for the "perfect puppy" (chocolate lab) for a while, when my hairdresser told me about  She said that her brotherhad a puppy  shipped, and it was not as expensive as he thought.  I went to the website and found  lots of puppies that I liked, but I'm so glad that I went with Family Loved Labs. We have taken our puppy to the veterinarian, where we were told, "She's perfect!".   We adore our puppy, Maggie, and had only positive experiences in getting her.  I was kind
of nervous about having a puppy shipped to me, but she arrived with two toys and water, and wasn't traumatized at all. I was even emailed pictures of her every week, until shewas eight weeks old and ready to leave her mom.   The breeder has gone above and beyond when it comes to support.  I still email the breeder and send pictures of Maggie.  I highly recommend Family Loved Labs if you are looking for a puppy.
Martha Stout
Champaign, IL



Hi, guys. Ellie (Cynthia) is doing great. She is growing so fast. She had her shots last wednesday and fecal check. Our vet said that she is perfect ............Viktoryia 



Hi Rosie:
Just a quick note - Caliber is doing fine.  Just had him into the vet again.  There is a tech there that is looking for a big Chocolate Lab - when they heard about Caliber, they wanted more info.  I gave them your website.  I guess when you bring in an 11 week old that has a "perfect shape" and weighs in at 19.7, people get excited!
I will try my best to get you some pictures soon!

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