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Just wanted to drop you a line to know how Duggie (Murphy) Gunner Mocha 08 is doing.  He loves walks in the woods.  Saturday he was chasing turkeys when we were out.  He loves to be around people and other dogs.  He has a black lab friend named Dash he gets to play with about once a week.  All the people that see him complement how good he looks.  The one neighbor thinks he should be a puppy model.  When we were expanding our Koi pond he was right there helping dig, and drinking the water when we were filling it up.   He loves to play Frisbee.  He is getting good at catching them in the air.  And he is always up for playing ball.

Duggie (Gunner x Mocha Pup)

 My baby is doing super well. she turned 1 on saturday. its amazing how time flies. She has grown up to be a beautiful little girl. she is the perfect size for us. i attached some pictures of our christmas trip to virginia. She Absolutely LOVED IT. and she made lots of friends too! hope you all are doing well too and making more cute wittle babies, i might come back for more! :0) ~xoxo, Jamary

Kiwi (Sadie x Booker Pup)

CONGRATULATIONS to Sidney he passed his
        Canine Good Citizen
                             Booker x Sadie Puppy



Hi Rosie, ~ Just had to tell you that Sidney passed his Canine Good Citizen test last evening. 
He did so well.  He did not have to repeat any exercises.  He did them all correctly
 the first time.  I was so proud of him.  Here are a few pictures that Paige took last
night you are welcome to post them if you'd like. ~Take care, Judi


"Looks like a spoiled boy to us"  (pup from Angel x Gunner)

Hi Christensen Family hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bear is doing great and getting big. He is so sweet, good matured and calm. He is also very smart, he loves to do tricks and learns them pretty quick(playing dead is the funniest). We bring him with us everywhere and get compliments all the time, not just about how cute he is but about how good he is. He has quickly won the hearts of our entire family, especially our 8 yr old Lab, Riley. She is playing like a puppy again, she had really slowed down after we put our 14yr old Lab, Ranger down. She is always gentle with Bear and usually lets him win when they wrestle. Even the cat doesn't seem to mind him. (as you can see from the pictures they lay together all the time). But I have to say that Bear's favorite past time is sleeping and snuggling which helps him live up to his name. Bear has fit into our family perfectly.  
We would also like to tell anyone who is considering getting a Lab from the Christensen's that you can be confident in your decision that you will be getting a great puppy. I had been looking for the right puppy for 2 months both online and with local breeders(most were "backyard breeders"). I was excited to find Bear online but my husband was skeptical. He doesn't like to buy anything online, he likes to see what he is buying, especially a puppy. He had a ton of what if's. But after going through their site and seeing how the whole family was involved and that they really care about their Labs and the breed, he decided to call Rosie. She understood all our concerns and walked us through everyone of them. We couldn't be happier with our decision. My husband tells me everyday I did a good job finding Bear.
                                                                  Thank you again,        
                                                               Tony, Beth and Lorin Perednas

  For those of you considering a puppy from Family Loved Labs; we now own two Labrador Retrievers from Family Loved Labs and they are great additions/members of our family.  I just cannot say enough about Family Loved Labs.  They have a great breeding program with established Sires and Dams that yield quality dogs in terms of health and disposition.  We were very skeptical buying over the internet as we had had a previous experience that did not go well.  I called Family Loved Labs and spoke to Rosie. She was extremely knowledgeable about not only the breed, but matching the right temperament with the gaining family.  Rosie�s in depth knowledge allowed her to match the personality of the puppy based on the answers we provided in a few phone conversations.  
Rosie fit our family with Sidney aka Sydney
(Booker /Sadie Litter 2007) and he is exactly as she described. We could not have been more pleased when Sidney arrived.  He was absolutely beautiful.  I even heard one of the handlers at the airline say hey I want a dog like this- He's so calm.   Sidney is now almost 2 years old and will test for his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate in January 2009.  Sidney is a quick study and very adaptable to changing situations.  He is a very social dog and is well balanced.     He is as happy hanging around at your feet as he is trekking across the Mojave Desert.  He has become very trail savvy and my husband enjoys their hikes together. We could not have been blessed with a better dog. 
We enjoy Sidney so much that we added another one of Rosie�s puppies to our family this past October.  Gunner Jr. (Gunner/Mocha litter 2007)
came to us at 15 months old and made the transition to a new home well.  Gunner is a focused high energy dog that wants to please his master.  We are continuing to help him learn the house rules and he is progressing nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quick he is to pick up on commands.  He is a very instinctive retriever and extremely fast.    Once again, Gunner was exactly as Rosie described him.   Gunner will be starting intermediate obedience training this coming February 2009 as we want him to achieve his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate too.  He is well on his way to earning it.   
Rosie makes it so easy to purchase a pup and the care and socialization that each pup receives from this family only makes the transition from their home to yours so much easier.  I was hesitant to have a puppy flown to us, but now that I have had 2 flown to us I can say that it was easy.  Rosie takes you through every step of the process.  They were so relaxed when we received them at the airport and they acted like they belonged with us from the beginning.  The paperwork process and transference was a no brainer for us.  Family Loved Labs also provides great support to you as a new owner after you�ve gotten the puppy. 
We enjoy our dogs� companionship and watching them mature into great dogs of their breed.  The investment in time has been well worth the experience and they are wonderful family dogs and additions to our family.  We hope that if you are considering adding a Labrador to your family that you choose Family Loved Labs as you will not be disappointed.
The Brown Family   ,

    Here's a few pics for you! 
I'll send some more shortly - we'll get one of Kai, Joe and I when we are all together again in a few days. She's doing GREAT!! Everyone in my family loves her and she is just the sweetest, most lovable little girl!
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job in her first early days:)
Happy Holidays!
Kathryn and Joe

Kai (Booker x Sadie Pup)


I just wanted to thank you for making our adoption of Duggie such a pleasant experience. The weekly pictures and e-mails made the weeks of waiting for our Duggie a much more exciting experience


What a wonderful day it was when we arrived at the airport.  Just as you said, the airport pickup process was quick and easy.  I�ll never forget seeing him for the first time when we took him out of his crate.  It was love at first sight.

Duggie is everything you would want in a lab, or any other dog.  He is beautiful, extremely smart, well behaved, and has a wonderful temperament. He is everything we wanted and more.  We constantly get compliments from everyone who sees him. The experience we had with you was great.  We would recommend it to anyone, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are some more pictures of our pride and joy!        

The Bakers

Duggie (Gunner x Mocha Pup)

Hello There
Long time since I have been in touch. I had to get a new camera, sorry for the delay. He is such an amazing dog......We love him very much. He is doing great and starting to get along with the cats :)....
He is very smart and loveable. He is so affectionate with me. He loves to be hugged and kissed. He is so playful and friendly. I thought I would show you a picture of when he was little and how he looks now. The pictures are from this weekend. I will continue to be in touch. I promised your daughter I would.

Danielle and Max

 Max (Champ)        (Sadie x Booker Litter)

Hi Larissa,
Great job on the webpage! We bought Ginger from you guys this summer. She is from Gunner & Mocha's litter in May. She is doing great and we love her so much! She is smart and learns pretty quick. She is a bundle of energy and goofy right now ;-)) We have a yellow lab named Bella and she is always trying to get her to play. Most of the time Bella cooperates. They have become great buddies! Our son Noah is loving the two of them alot! They are his snuggle buddies at night. We have a new baby grandson too and Ginger loves to smell him and sometimes wants to nibble his hands. We have to hold her back but I'm sure that they will be buddies too. Please tell your mom I said Hello. She was so helpful while we were waiting for Ginger to be ready to come home. You guys have something really special at Family Loved Labs! I look at your site occasionally just to see your puppies. You have such beautiful puppies! I have included some pictures from this summer. I will send more pictures soon. She has grown alot and she is almost as tall as Bella.
Take care!

Ginger (Gunner x Mocha Pup)

To all who are looking at the Family Loved Labs,
   I just could not encourage anyone
MORE to buy a  lab here, they are incredible!!!  We had a visit there and it surpassed all
expectations we had and hopes, one could not ask for a better environment for a puppy to
be born and raised in. It was an extremely positive experience for us as we went to visit my
son's puppy.    It is such  a loving, warm household with such attentive care and knowledgeable
experience in training and raising dogs. The dogs are absolutely adorable, friendly and so clean. 
 We would have loved to get a brother or sister of my son's dog, but it just is not a good
 timing for us.  But, I can not encourage others MORE to look into these dogs.  They all
will pull at your heartstrings, they are so cute and so well taken care of. 
Congrats to all who purchase a dog from Family Loved Labs take it from a person who had
 labs all her life, these are beauties with character .

Rosie,  Sadie "Maddie"  is doing great.
 She is the sweetest puppy and very smart. She is also gorgeous!  She as
made our Christmas. She does not like to be left alone though. I think that we have spoiled  her a bit! I am sending pictures as soon as I get them downloaded---I promiseTake Care, Lisa

Maddie (Gunner x Mocha Pup)


Here is a wonderful site that I highly recommend

you visit if you are looking to adopt a Lab.  My

boyfriend recently bought a lab from this breeder,

 and she is the cutest, sweetest, well behaved,

mellow dog. she is now Six months old, and

she is a blast.

Kayla from family loved labs

check it out!!

Please tell Larissa we know how much she must be missing Sandy, but to take comfort in the fact that she is getting more love than she knows what to do with.  She is truly a GREAT dog and in this short time has brought us all so much love, joy and fun.  The first day she was apprehensive about going in the yard but now she LOVES it.  She runs and plays with Minnie and plays "tag".  It is so funny and wonderful to see.  Funny story, yesterday my son Kevin was in the backyard.  Sandy and Minnie were inside looking out at him.  All of a sudden, Sandy stood up on her hind legs and pulled down the handle of the door with her front paws.  She ran outside to pee, gave him a lick and ran back inside!  Kevin stood there in amazement and immediately called me.  Also, we bought her a long purple funny looking doggie which is a squeeky toy, she throws it, runs after it then brings it to us to pull.  She sleeps with it all night in her crate (sometimes hugging it).  So adorable ! There are no words to express how much we love and enjoy every minute with her.  I am very grateful to have found your website and that we have her here with us today.
Kevin - 15
Nicole - 8
Jonathan - 5
Hi Rosie,
We are SO happy with Sandy! She's doing great, she's so calm and peaceful indoors, and a ton of fun outdoors! She's everything you said she'd be. She is super good with the kids, she loves sitting with them and watching TV. My teenager and her are very close, she sits by his feet when he's on the computer, and jumps up on his bed when he's playing his video games. They love chasing each around in the backyard and he likes taking her to the park across the street. Minnie didn't really get along with Sandy in the beginning, but now they're getting along just fine. We are just SO glad we picked her. Here are some pictures
Sandy (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Hello Rosie,
    Its just us Buzanoski's from Washington.  We just want you to know that Andy (sean) is still doing good with us. He made a puppy pal in our apt. complex the other dog is a chocolate lab... they get along real well, they wrestle all the time. I think they could play for ever if we let them. He's real smart. We taught him to sit, put both of his paws out at one time to shake, lay down, and he's learning to roll over. He goes crazy when there's a treat involved. HaHa.  We love him very much.
      Roxy, Adam, & Andy
Andy "Sean" (Booker x Sadie Pup)

He is going to be a wonderful dog! 
Still planning on getting him certified
as a therapy dog when he is old enough -
and trained enough!   Jill
Caliber (Carley and ExCaliber)

Sydney  "Living it up in California"
He is such a sweet boy with a gentle and calm spirit.  
He has been so easy to train. Paige taught him to shake
and he is leading very well on the leash.  He walks Paige
 to school every morning about a 2 mile walk.  If he doesn't
 get to walk her he gets this sad look on his face. Housetraining
is going very well with all of the moving he has done and only
2 accidents I'm impressed.  He kennels up beautifully, if he balks
with me I just show him a treat and he is in that crate waiting for me.
  He sleeps through the night without a peep from him.  I'm sending
 some pictures for you to put on the website.  They were taken yesterday
on his 5 month old birthday. He's a handsome boy I am guessing but I'd say
 he is a good 55 to 60 pounds.  We call him our Gentle Giant.
Sydney is a wonderful dog, and is everything that you said he would be.  Such a calm and well mannered guy with the sweetest face. We are so happy to have him with us. 
Sydney (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Hello!  Summer slept in our bed at the foot of it ALL nite last nite!   She is so much fun and loving all in one.  We LOVE her.  Everytime I go into the bathroom to blowdry my hair she lays down at my feet and leans against me the entire time and doesnt leave my side.  I couldnt of asked for more perfect a pup!
Love to all!
"Sheri's beautiful daughter Taylor"

Summer (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Hi Rosie,
Sophie is adorable, delightful, wonderful, beautiful...not to mention adjusting very well to her new environment!!!
     The retirement extravaganza was better even than we could have wished. Sophie divided her time between mingling with our guests outdoors and napping in the air conditioning.  She added a very special ambiance to the event, and her social graces are impeccable.
     Jesse adores her, they are quite a site together.  He appears to be teaching her everything she needs to know about life at little bay farm. 
Best regards,
What a special girl, our sophie!!  she most certainly charmed everyone when  we visited dr. shuler.... thank you Rosie, for helping us to obtain the very best partner for jesse.  they are perfect.

Sophie (Sadie x Booker Pup)

He's doing well. Slept ok lastnight. We took a few pictures today and when I get them downloaded I'll send them over. I think we're going to call him Sydney. We really like that name. Anyway, thanks again for everything and we'll speak soon.
 He's doing very well. He loved going to Canada. He made good friends with my mom's dog. I think he likes him cause he is just his size. He's very well behaved. Still working on the potty training, he'll get there. Anyway, I've enclosed some photos.


Sydney (Sinatra) (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Hi Rosie,

   Snowie is doing really well and has been growing
 like  crazy.  Snowie is a complete sweetheart except at 6 in
 the  morning when she is as ferocious as she can be- then
 it is definitely time to play!
     Our lives have changed dramatically but only for
 the better and we wouldn't trade our new family for
 the world. We love our little girl!
   We have taken sooooo many pictures so once we
upload  them, we will be sure to send you a link to the
 photos  so you can see how big she has gotten.
    Thank you again for helping us bring such a great
 puppy into our home. Hope all is well with your
 Take care,
 Beth and Scott

 Snowie (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Thanks again.  I felt really comfortable buying a puppy from you without even seeing it in person.  You really care about your dogs and it shows!  Caliber is such a good dog! 
I will keep you updated!  Jill



Mr O'brien and Samantha


Samantha (Sadie and Booker Pup)

    Phoenix (Superman) (Booker x Sadie Pup)

Dr. Jeff adorable (almost) 12 year old daughter, Brianna, and the prized pup. Phoenix (Superman) is also being socialized with Jeff patients in preparation to becoming a true therapy dog.


Phoenix  is 19 pounds and looking quite strapping. His behavior is perfect.  He handles the crate so well. When he get a little overactive in session, I am able to put him in. No fuss. He just goes to sleep. Very mellow guy.  I need to send you a pic of the two dogs now playing tug-of war. He continues to get rave reviews!  Jeff

Brandon a Police Officer from California adopted KAYLA" Sasha":    She is doing so well.  She is extremely well tempered and afraid of nothing,  She is extremely mellow and brilliant......

Kayla (Booker and Sadie Pup)

Finiancial Planner Ben and his wife Laurie adopted KODA (Snow):
Koda is doing well.   He slept through the night last night which is GREAT!  He is a lot of fun.  We took him out on the river today and he loves it.  He is absolutely fearless.  He swam for the first time and is going up and down stairs. 
    You helped us pick out a wonderful dog.  I was a little worried about not seeing him (in person) but with all the pictures you sent, e-mails, and phone conversations; you made the experience very enjoyable. 
 I attached a few pictures for you.   Thanks again,    Ben
Koda (Booker and Sadie Pup)

Scott: Political Science Major adopted Spliff (Sundance)
Spliff (Booker and Sadie Pup)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! from, Harry & Cynthia :),Jesse, Sophie, Mary, PeeDee and...
all the GREAT & SMALL creatures at
 Sophie (Sadie x Booker Pup)

Hey, yes can you believe it 85 to 90 pounds of pure love, and that's a fact. 
He just wants to love and be with you.  We had a Bob Cat climbing on our
fence this past Sunday afternoon and Sidney was in the backyard. He hardly
 ever barks and he let out this deep gruff bark at the Bob Cat which very quickly
 changed his mind about wanting to get in our backyard.  I actually stopped and
 asked  Paige was that Sidney barking? and we both went to see what was going on. 
We are so enjoyed him.  He loves to hide his rawhide braid bone all over the house 
and then I find it, and he is always re-arranging the Christmas Tree Skirt to his liking. 
Well, have a wonderful Christmas. 


 Sydney (Sadie and Booker Pup)





Lily (Sadie and Booker Pup)


Kayla (sasha)



Kayla (Sadie and Booker Pup)